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The Versatility of Flavored Honey

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Honey has been a beloved ingredient for many, many years. Normally, you can use it in many applications. Stir some in your nighttime herbal tea, drizzle it over pancakes or summer fruit, and even use it in savory or sweet recipes for a hint of floral sweetness. Overall, honey can be used and loved in many different ways.

For a long time, honey has been the most natural from the earth type of sweetener you could find. Naturally coming from honeybees, honey has been cultivated and farmed for our enjoyment. Not only is honey beneficial and useful for us, but it’s also very useful and beneficial to the environment.

However, as much as you enjoy the taste and uses of honey, there are always new and exciting honey products out there to be tried and tested! The taste of run-of-the-mill honey is going to give you a standard florally sweet flavor.

The texture of honey is like no other ingredient. When spooning honey into a beverage or scooping a spoonful into your favorite recipes, it can only be described as a sticky, golden, viscous, amber-colored liquid.

As good as regular, plain honey is, have you ever thought about how it can incorporate different flavors? Since honey is so mild and neutral in flavor, it can be a great canvas to add and mix other flavors into.

At Savannah Bee Company, they are very ambitious when it comes to their honey. They have been in operation since 2002 and have since developed amazing honey-centered products to share with the world. When it comes to honey, Savannah Bee Company knows what they’re doing.

The same reigns true with their specialty honey. Since honey can be seen as a blank canvas, Savannah Bee Company has taken it upon themselves to create delicious flavored honey with adventurous flavors.

Different Flavored Honey
No matter what you do with your honey, incorporating a new type of honey into your daily routine might be a positive change. For regular honey lovers, you can find the purest honey available with the sweet tinge and aroma of orange blossom.

Orange blossom honey not only has a deliciously sweet flavor, but can also seriously elevate your dishes, drinks, and sauces. Savannah Bee Company recommends drizzling over toast or ripe summer fruits.

If you’re into something a little more exotic with your flavored honey, try their black sage honey. This polarizing flavor offers a unique twist to honey that you can’t find anywhere else. Their black sage honey adds a subtle herbaceous and rich flavor that pairs perfectly with roast chicken, wine, and cheese.

Try Savannah Bee Company
If you are a big fan of honey and honey-related products, then Savannah Bee Company is the perfect choice for all of your honey needs. The team at Savannah Bee Company is dedicated to cultivating and providing the highest quality of honey products to their customers and has done so for over a decade.

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