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The Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife (0562) and CPM-20CV: The Steel Makes the Knife

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One of the top-selling ZT knives in the industry is the 0562. This Zero Tolerance pocket knife has been a top performer for many years.

It’s also been upgraded several times. First, it was made with Elmax steel, then M390, then CTS-204p, before being upgraded one more time with a CPM-20CV blade.

It’s interesting to note that all of these are superstar steels and that the 0562 has been a heavy hitter since its inception.

But nonetheless, the steel makes the knife. Let’s take a look at what makes this steel what it is, especially since it’s also found in so many other ZT knives.

What’s in CPM-20CV?
CPM-20CV steel is a super steel produced by Crucible Particle Metallurgies following their proprietary CPM process.

This steel contains high concentrations of chromium (20%), vanadium (4%), and carbon (1%). It also contains 1% of molybdenum and .6% tungsten in the matrix as well.

The CPM process creates a more uniform distribution of carbides throughout the alloy matrix, which, together with its chemical constituents, offers numerous advantages to this steel.

What It Offers
The most noteworthy aspect of this steel alloy is its sky-high chromium concentration. It should come as a surprise to no one that this super steel offers exceptional corrosion resistance, even in remarkably adverse conditions.

The high vanadium concentration also makes the steel exceptionally strong and wear-resistant. It is not only in concentration alone but in process.

The CPM process creates an even distribution of fine vanadium carbides that result in higher wear resistance and superior workability. This enables the knife to tolerate greater physical stressors and take a keener edge that will last longer.

CPM-20CV’s high concentrations of molybdenum and tungsten also substantially increase the strength, wear resistance, and general toughness of this alloy. Together with carbon, they form extremely hard carbides that give this steel excellent edge retention and a profound ability to absorb stresses.

Ultimately, this Zero Tolerance knife’s blade steel offers a golden balance across the three attributes classically assigned to knife quality: edge retention (hardness), durability (toughness), and resistance to rust (corrosion resistance).

In Search of a Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife Made with This Steel?
Looking for a Zero Tolerance pocket knife made with a super steel like CPM-20CV? Not only is the 0562; many other Zero Tolerance knives are as well, and many of them are designed by knife industry elites such as Dmitry Sinkevich, Rick Hinderer, and Todd Rexford. (This folding knife was designed by Hinderer.)

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