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Three of The Best Brands for Sheet Metal Tools

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Sheet metal roofing is a difficult job and anyone in the roofing industry knows that without the proper tools it can be exhausting and time-consuming work. Certain tools are designed specifically with convenience for the user in mind and a few brands have made a name for themselves within the roofing industry. Three of the most popular brands are Stortz, Wuko, and Malco Tools.

Each of these brands is special in their own regard. Ofcourse some people who have a lot of experience when it comes to sheet metal roofing may have a brand that they trust above all other brands. It’s good to be able to have a brand to rely on, but in general, you don’t want to be blind to the many quality alternatives out there. You aren’t stuck with one brand. A roofer has many different tools in his arsenal, and you can mix and match brands to build to put together the perfect toolbox.

Stortz started producing hand tools way back in 1853. Not many companies within the sheet metal roofing industry have as rich of a history as Stortz. For over 150 years Stortz has been innovative as they lead the way by producing quality roofing tools. Each of their products is stellar in its own right.

Stortz produces many popular products within the roofing field. Two items that many roofers turn to Stortz for are their small and deep depth seaming pliers. They also produce an excellent hand seamer. They also make the Accuseamer which has revolutionized the roofing industry. It is a quicker, cheaper, and simpler way to seam.

Wuko has made quite the buzz over the past 70 years. They have spent that time modernizing industrial machinery within the roofing industry. They offer products that are known for their high quality and toughness as well as their appealing design. Wuko makes sheet metal benders that are used by many roofers.

You can get various different kinds of Wuko benders depending on the type of work you’ll be performing. A Wuko set or a Wuko combo bundle are especially popular. For example, on you can get the Wuko 7200 / 4000 combo or the 3200 / 4000 combo. If you are just interested in a singular Wuko product, like the disc-o-bender then they have that option as wel

Malco Tools are a well-known brand within the roofing industry with a lot of amazing products to make the job a bit easier for the everyday roofer. Malco makes quality, American tools for the modern roofing industry. They have a mission for their tools to work, perform, and last. And that’s exactly what they do. From turbo shears to sheet metal hammers, Malco has it all.

Products they offer include the Malco drip edge folding tool, which allows users to bend drip edges quickly and easily. It’s available in two different sizes too for two different depths. It’s a lightweight and durable tool that any roofer should have on hand. Another Malco tool that really sets their Malco Sheet Metal Hammer. The leather grip gives it a comfortable feel that conforms to the user over time. It’s a lightweight, but a strong and durable option that is used by roofing professionals around the world.

 If you are searching for sheet metal roofing tools online, the best place to shop is at You can find products from Stortz, Wuko, and Malco Tools. There are many other brands available as well. Stortz and Son’s website is a dream come true for the modern roofer. All of the best brands and roofing products that you can get, can now be found in one convenient place. Visit their site today for some amazing tools and spectacular deals.

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