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Three Reasons You Should Use Concentrated Disinfectants

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Typical market cleaning products are diluted with water to make them ready to use on surfaces in the home. Concentrated disinfectants contain the same ingredients as market cleaning products, but are not diluted with water. The undiluted product needs to be diluted with water right before intended use.

Most concentrated cleaning products will have directions explaining how to dilute the product so it is ready for use, or you can use a dispensing system that will allow for dilution control. Concentrated products for commercial cleaning can be very beneficial rather than typical market cleaning products because they save on costs, storage, and protect against common diseases.

  • Save on Supplies
    Buying concentrated cleaning products will produce more savings than buying ready-to-use market cleaning products because concentrated products are not diluted with water and can clean larger areas while using less product. Commercial cleaners know how large some public spaces can be to clean. Whether it is a school cafeteria, a hospital, or a restaurant, the larger public spaces will require more product to make sure it is thoroughly clean than a smaller space. Concentrated cleaning products will clean a larger area using less product than a diluted market cleaning product, resulting in direct savings on cleaning supplies.

Most brands offer their market product in a concentrated version for a similar price. They also usually can sell the concentrated product in bulk for a cheaper price which can result in huge savings for commercial cleaners who will use these products daily. A bulk order of concentrated cleaning products will last a commercial cleaner much longer than buying ready-to-use market products and will cost them much less in the long run.

  • Save on Storage and Help the Environment
    Concentrated cleaning products are also beneficial for the environment compared to diluted market products because they require fewer resources to produce and require less packaging. One gallon of concentrated product is equal to about 64 gallons of diluted retail disinfectant. By diluting the product yourself, you automatically save on storage space and reduce unnecessary packaging that will end up in landfills. Filling up the product in reusable spray bottles or mop buckets results in less single-use plastic being wasted.

No one wants to be transporting hundreds of products from each cleaning site along with cleaning equipment, and having a cluttered storage space with hundreds of single-use products will make finding what you need a nightmare. Concentrated products should be a given for commercial cleaners whether they are traveling to sites and cleaning or storing the products in-house, keeping the number of items needed low and shelf-space open makes for an efficient work environment.

  • Disinfecting is Important
    This past year has proven to us that disinfecting public and often used areas is vitally important. A coronavirus outbreak can have a school, business, or public area shut down for weeks until everyone has quarantined and are no longer contagious. Commercial cleaners know that disinfecting public areas and mitigating the spread of coronavirus is a top priority. Concentrated cleaning disinfectants are proven to kill coronavirus on non-porous hard surfaces.

Using concentrated cleaning products on precleaned non-porous surfaces can not only help stop the spread of COVID-19, but can also be effective against other common bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Concentrated cleaners stop the spread of these diseases at their source before they result in an outbreak. is a great source to find reasonably priced commercial cleaning supplies. JaniSource has many brands to choose from and offers concentrated and diluted disinfected versions of most brands.

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