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Tips To Give The Best Painting Job On Your Bathroom

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There is a significant different between painting your bathroom and the rest of your home. Bathroom is a space that comes in contact with water so often. Therefore, you need specialized painting solution for your bathroom that will perform best besides preventing mold formation. However, the best advice painting contractors Fayetteville NC will give you is to install a good extractor fan in your bathroom that can help prolong the life of bathroom painting. Here are some expert tips to give the best painting job to your bathroom.

Clean the walls thoroughly
Over a period of time, your bathroom walls would have accumulated soap scum, which would leave yellowish and greasy looking streaks on the walls. For the purpose of getting rid of these marks, prepare a mixture of one-part TSP to four parts of water. After applying this, wipe down the bathroom walls with warm water and leave it to dry well before painting. By installing a powerful bathroom extractor, you can leave the bathroom walls moist free for most part of the day. Check the walls for any cracks and holes and make the necessary repairs.

Protect the other surfaces that you will not be painting
Before you start painting, it is important to protect the other surfaces by covering them. For example, you can protect your vanity with a large bed sheet or plastic. Secure these coverings with painters’ tape.

Choose the right paint
Bathrooms are exposed to humidity most times in a day. Therefore, choose a paint that is exclusively designed for damp environments. It is good to go for paints that are labeled for bathroom and kitchen. These types of paints are usually meant to avoid mold and mildew. For enhanced protection, pearl or semi-gloss finish is advisable. These are durable finishes that can also be cleaned often. If your bathroom lacks enough ventilation, it is necessary to wipe the walls down so that drip marks are avoided.

Leave enough time to dry
Before start using the bathroom after painting, it is necessary to leave enough time so that the paint dries well. Before taking a shower, you must allow not less than 48 hours. After one week of painting, you can start using the bathroom normally.

Never forget to consult the technical data sheet accompanying the product
Before you start painting your bathroom, it is important that you spend enough time to read through the technical data sheet that came with the paint. You will find a lot of information about the paint and other painting information on these sheets like product characteristics, limitations of the product, the drying time that you must allow between different coats, maintenance tips, the primers that will go well with the given paint, the best rollers and brushes recommended.

Choose the best painting contractors
To get the best results across your bathroom painting project, it is necessary that you choose the best painting contractors Fayetteville NC. These companies have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to give the best painting job at affordable prices that can last for so long.

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