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Top Reasons to Pick Up a Shell Catcher for AR Platforms

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Whether you enjoy range therapy and burn a lot of brass while you’re there, or you’re a competitive shooter that does the same, one thing is certain. Your AR spits hot brass all over the place.

That is unless you’ve made the sensible decision to pick up a shell catcher for AR rifles. With a well-designed brass catcher, you won’t have to waste time raking up spent brass and you won’t be wondering where those one or two phantom shells went after they left the action.

Here are a few things thoughtfully, well-designed shell catchers for AR platforms can bring you.

1. Enjoy more time shooting and less time cleaning up

Let’s face a simple fact. You can burn through a fifteen-round mag in a few seconds and still have every round connect with the target. If you don’t take your time spending a mag, you’re going to spend more time raking up shells at the range than if you used a brass catcher.

2. No hot shells flying into neighboring lanes

If you shoot outside at a bench and there is neither a lot of room between neighboring lanes nor any dividers between them, semi-automatic platforms have a habit of spitting brass at your neighbors on the right. Using a brass catcher can enable you to shoot only one lane over without worrying about sending those next to you an unpleasant and hot surprise.

3. Stay compliant

Some ranges require you to retrieve your spent brass or shells, and those shells have a habit of getting lost a bit too easily, especially in dirt and grass. Add a shell catcher to your platform and that aspect of range compliance will be taken care of for you.

4. Don’t lose brass

Finally, we’ve all seen prices of ammo skyrocket in recent years, and what’s worse is that there’s a national ammo shortage. Now is not the time to leave brass on the ground, whether you are a reloader or not. With that in mind, you might be able to save yourself some money or just be able to keep ammo on hand simply by taking up the practice of reloading, which, by the way, will be much more practical when you keep your spent brass.

Now, you’ll note that we mentioned that these are top reasons to get a thoughtfully, well-designed shell catcher for AR rifles. The keywords here are thoughtfully and well-designed.

Many shell catchers are made of mesh bags with wireframes that connect to the top of your Picatinny rail. Though these work better than nothing, they obstruct your sight picture and can even catch fire.

They’re not your only option, and there are far better solutions out there. Heat-resistant brass catchers like the Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts attach directly to your AR-15 lower receiver Magwell, do not obstruct your sight picture, and will not catch fire. They also won’t jam and are compatible with a hopper that will hold 30 rounds of .223.

Visit today to learn more about this next-level brass catcher, or contact Magwell Mounts at 1-83-Magwell or at [email protected].

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