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What Blueberry Vape Juice Taught Us

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It’s about time that we stopped and had this discussion. We have gone too long already without thinking too much about various vape juice flavors and what they mean. We need to finally have this conversation about what blueberry vape juice taught us and what to do with that information now that we have it. Yes, you heard that right. Blueberry vape juice existing as an option to buy for our vape pens has given us the time to really think about this one flavor and how it gets used in flavored products. This is about more than a single vape puff; this is about acknowledging a flavor that deserves more than what it has been given all this time. Let’s go over the few main points that we gathered.

Blueberry is Entirely Underrated

Out of all the typical fruit flavors available like strawberry, cherry, and grape, blueberry hardly ever gets to make an appearance. In candy, soft drinks, or anything else, blueberry does not get its due. It is a great fruity flavor but just cannot seem to get the love it deserves from the public. Getting to see blueberry vape juice shine as it has, has been a good reminder that this flavor is out there and tastes great. Even if we cannot always find something we want in a blueberry flavor, we can still enjoy the taste in the form of a vape.

We Could All Use Fresh Blueberry Pie

As much as we have to appreciate the taste of blueberry vape juice, we should also remember the actual fruit it is based on. When was the last time you enjoyed some freshly picked, ripe blueberries? The fruit is probably much easier to find than the flavor since we do see it mixed in with a lot of things. Instead of reaching for an apple or orange the next time we want fruit, it could be a good idea to grab a handful of berries instead. When we do not have a vape pen within reach, we should consider reaching for a nice warm slice of blueberry pie.

The Rivalry With Blue Raspberry Continues

Just as we noticed the absence of enough blueberry-flavored snacks and treats, we realized what it was that may have taken its place. As flavors are often associated with certain colors like yellow for lemon and red for cherry, blue was often associated with blue raspberry. This strange concept of a flavor somehow got a hold of the color blue more than the blueberry itself did. And for that, we all saw the little berry we love get pushed to the side and underutilized in flavored products for a long time.

If you aren’t overthinking the significance of a vape flavor, then what are you even doing? Honestly, though, this was all meant to be a little humorous while still addressing a point. Blueberry is an underappreciated and underused flavor. It only took looking at blueberry e juice to make some of us really think about that. Now that we have gone over these thoughts on blueberry vape juice, we leave it all to you. This information is yours, whether or not you choose to do anything with it. If the only thing that you will take away from this is that you want to buy some blueberry e liquids now, then you can shop for that as vape liquid or as a vape pod. Cyclone Pods has both kinds available on its website for you to shop and get rid of that craving we brought on. By all means, we encourage you to enjoy just about anything in blueberry flavor, but we have to remember that it all started with a blueberry vape juice.

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