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Where to Get a Deal on African American Clergy Robes

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It’s not really practical to just drive around looking for preacher garments and other clerical attire, including vestments. These are practically the definition of a specialty good and not well represented in most average cross sections of the market. Still, that little fact is of little consequence for the ordained men and women (and others active in the church) who rely on suppliers to keep them ready for their clerical duties. That is to say, if you’re looking for African-American clergy robes, it probably doesn’t matter to you that they’re hard to find.

What you need is a quick solution that will bring you a combination of value and variety, and lucky for you, you’re about to stumble upon that. Forget the phone book, forget the old school business listings, and forget trying to find a corner store. This article is going to put you in front of a better solution.

If you’re looking to get a deal on African-American clergy robes, here is the simple and straightforward solution. Take out your phone, or open a new tab (since you’re already on a browser right now reading this article) and type in

Feast your eyes on the loaded page, where you will see what looks like an endless supply of clergy robes, clerical attire and other vestments, perfect not only for priests and preachers but also for choristers, acolytes, altar servers and more. In their online store, Divinity Clergy Wear has what can only be called an encyclopedic collection of clerical vestments and garments, for men and women, for any clerical office.

Are you after a new cassock and cincture or a new cassock and surplice? Maybe your old black cassock is a staple but you want to round out the clerical wardrobe with a red cassock for saints’ days or for a purple cassock for use during Lent. This variety alone is impressive, but it only paints a corner of the whole picture.

Divinity Clergy Wear has preaching robes, jackets and robe and stole sets for priests and preachers as well as preaching jackets for those occasions when a jacket would be more suitable than a set of robes. They have clergy shirts, with both banded and tab collars, as well as preaching robes and dresses for the ladies.

Their collection is also rich with clerical accessories and other hard to find garments and vestments, including but not limited to rochets, chimeres, rabats, tippets, stoles, crosses and cords, gloves, and so much more. If you need it for your clerical collection, you can find it at Divinity Clergy Wear.

And, once you find it, you can double and then triple the selection many times over. They don’t just have one example of a clergy shirt that you have to take or leave – they have clergy shirts available in an array of designs and in a rainbow of colors. They have robes and sets of vestments available in a range of colors, some of them elegantly laced and brocaded. The variety available at Divinity Clergy Wear is staggering and must be witnessed to be appreciated.

There’s one more thing to note about getting a deal on vestments like these. If you’re the type of shopper that prefers to shop in person instead of online, you can always take a trip to Divinity Clergy Wear’s showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey, where you can actually get a feel for some of the robes and other clerical garments that they sell before buying. Since these are the types of products you might want to actually check out before buying, you can always visit them first!

Learn more at their website,, or give them a call at 877-453-3535 today to set up a time to visit them!

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