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Where to Get Discount Cigars, Free Shipping and More

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Reading this, we can probably rule out any shoppers that still do all of their shopping at physical venues. After all, you wouldn’t be looking for free shipping if you were driving to a location. That would be built right on. Naturally, you’d have to pay for the extra gas, though.

That brings us back to square one, which is essentially a question of where you can free discount cigars, free shipping, and a lot of other value for the effort of your online shopping. There are a lot of online tobacco shops and cigar specialists, but there is only one Rocky’s Cigars.

In business for over 35 years, with that beloved atmosphere of a trusted, family-owned tobacco shop, Rocky’s Cigars has been faithfully serving connoisseurs of fine tobacco for quite some time now. Their business hinges on a few things. A great selection of cigars and tobaccos that have been expertly kept, great prices, and in-depth, personal familiarity with tobacco that enables them to offer excellent customer service.

That’s great news for shoppers in and around Syracuse, New York, but shoppers looking to find great deals on excellent cigars online are going to need a little bit more. That’s why Rocky’s Cigars began selling their premium cigars and tobacco products online at

For shoppers looking to get discount cigars at great prices and pair them with free shipping, is the simplest answer there is. With a huge collection of cigar brands including but not limited to Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Flor de las Antillas, Cohiba, Partagas, Montecristo, and countless others, there’s not much left wanting here.

It’s also worth noting that there is a difference between discount and cheap. Cheap connotes low quality, and while discount might mean similar things to some readers, in this case, discount simply signifies a lower price. There is nothing cheap about the tobacco products, cigars, and cigar accessories available at Rocky’s Cigars. They offer nothing but the most highly regarded brands in the industry. The only difference is that they offer them at lower prices.

As for free shipping, Rocky’s Cigars has a very customer-friendly shipping policy. They offer free shipping on all orders over $140. That only sounds like a lot if you aren’t in the habit of collecting and aging good tobacco. Many aficionados buy in bulk and then age their cigars for months or years before enjoying them. Free shipping on $140 is a steal.

On that note, Rocky’s Cigars also provides its customers with great opportunities to make a deal with a cigar bundle package. Many savvy shoppers save boatloads by buying cigars in bundles because the bundles are often sharply discounted without a substantial reason. Oftentimes cigar bundles are discounted because of cosmetic reasons that do not affect the flavor of the tobacco or the quality of the smoke.

Since you were looking for discount cigars, free shipping, and more, know that Rocky’s Cigars also sells all the cigar accessories and even pipe tobacco that you could ever need. Cigar smokers need look no farther than Rocky’s for a new cutter or lighter and even pipe smokers will be impressed with their assortment of fine pipe tobaccos.

One more thing worthy of note is that this is not some big faceless organization. Rocky’s is still family-owned and operated; when you call them you get a real person on the phone who is ready to help you out. Try it and see. Visit today and see what kind of deal you can strike, and if you need a little help or recommendation, call them at 888-216-5834.

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