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Which Floor Machine Do I Need?

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So, the time has come for you to select a floor machine for your company. If you are not very familiar with janitorial supplies and equipment but are now tasked with acquiring some, then you must be a bit confused. There is much more to cleaning supplies than a mop and bucket as you must have discovered. One of the pieces of equipment you will probably need to get is a floor machine. But which one do you buy? And since when were there so many? Before you can make that purchase, you will need to figure out which type of floor machine you actually need. Let’s take a look at a few floor machines and what they each specialize in performing. From there, you can decide which one addresses your needs the best. Let’s take a look.

Floor Scrubber

This may be considered the most basic type of floor scrubber. You can look at it as the automated version of a traditional, manual mop and bucket combination. This offers much more efficiency and ease of use, however. Floor machines can be pushed around with relative ease so that it is not too tiresome on the person having to operate them regularly. Floor scrubbers clean floors without leaving too much water behind so that the floors can also dry down faster. Since floor cleaning is something that needs to take place regularly, it makes sense to seriously consider this investment. Maintenance is easy to manage as well since you mainly need to refill the floor machine with cleaning liquid and occasionally check to see if you need to flip the pad at the bottom of the machine or replace it altogether.

Floor Buffer

The next step after cleaning using a floor scrubber could be buffing. You will definitely want to do it in this order, with cleaning the floors coming before anything else. Otherwise, you will end up sealing the top layer of dust and dirt into the floor. Floor buffers are designed to buff or smooth out the floor by scrubbing and stripping the surface. They add polish but do not make the floor very shiny looking. They smooth things out to create a nice effect.

Floor Burnisher

Finally, we can get into burnishers, which are great for floor polishing. This type of floor machine can be used after you are finished cleaning and buffing the floor. They are meant to be used when the clients want a glossy, shiny floor. That’s the effect floor burnishers give off after applying a thinner layer of polish to the floor than buffers. They work by rotating at high speeds, which also allows the user to work quickly to cover an area.

Once you establish what your needs are, you can make the decision to invest in one or more of the different types of floor machines. You may want to choose to purchase all three at some point seeing as each type of machine serves a distinct function. When you are ready to do more research into the types of machines available, you can take a look at They have a wide selection of floor machines and all of the accessories you will want with them.

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