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Which Vape Liquid Flavors Should You Try?

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Without a doubt, one of the best things about getting into vaping is being able to try out lots of different vape juice flavors. While some people use vaping to help quit smoking and enjoy the flavors as an added bonus, others choose to vape entirely for the fun of it. A major draw for a lot of people to start vaping or at least give it a shot is the idea of breathing flavored vapor. Vaping has not been a widespread practice for very long, but there are already so many options of vape liquid flavors to choose from. It can be a little bit much even for people used to vaping, but especially overwhelming for someone just looking to try it out in the first place. Maybe you have been vaping for a while already and have just gotten bored of your usual vape liquid flavors. Or perhaps you are new to vaping and still unsure of which ones you would actually enjoy puffing. Either way, you might find these options to be helpful in sparking some ideas.

Classic Flavors
For those new to vaping, the most traditional, classic flavors are probably your best route. Chances are, you’ve already been exposed to these different types of flavors through candy, soda, etc. It would not be too far of a jump then for you to try them in vape form. Think of your favorite fruit-flavored candy and pick out a vape in that flavor. It should not be too intimidating because it is a flavor you are already familiar with and enjoy for its sweet, artificial taste. So if you know yourself well and know that you enjoy strawberry or watermelon anything, then you could try the strawberry and watermelon vape liquid flavors.

If you prefer a more fresh, minty feeling, then there is also the option to pick up a vape in mint. Those who are used to vaping common flavors like those might want to try different options in the same category. Perhaps go for a less common fruit flavor like raspberry or mango.

Unique Flavors
Classic flavors might not do it for you. That’s alright because you can always choose a vape flavor that is a bit more unique and interesting. Coffee lovers can rejoice because yes, there is a coffee-flavored vape available. You might enjoy the taste holding you over until you can get your next cup. Curiosity might get the best of you and tell you to see what the tobacco-flavored vape is all about. Former smokers can let us know how close it is to the real thing.

How to Try
The easiest way to start vaping or to experiment with unfamiliar flavors is to buy disposable vape pens. With the disposable option, you can get in a good amount of puffs to know how you feel about a particular flavor. It is pre-filled and has a fully charged battery, which makes it great for beginners. After that, if you really did enjoy the flavor, you can purchase it again but as a vape pod so that you get more product and a better value.

There are so many different kinds of vape liquid flavors, that you are bound to find one that will be just right for you. You can go for safe, reliable fruity flavors, or be more adventurous and explore the less talked about vape liquid flavors. It’s all a matter of taste. If you need help finding a place to shop for all of these flavors and more, then you will want to check out the brand Cyclone Pods. They make some very tasty vape flavors and have something for everyone.

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