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Which Vape Pen is Right for You?

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Vaping can be a good way for some people to pass the time. Those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes and others who may have never smoked a day in their lives might see vaping as a fun thing to do and a way to keep their hands busy. Whatever your motivation might be, you can join in and try it out for yourself. Before you can do that, however, you need to make the decision of which type of vape pen you want. You can go for the disposable vape, or you can choose a type of USB vape pen. Here are each of your options summed up.

Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape pen is a ready-to-use vape that requires no maintenance at all by the user. Once you take the pen out of its packaging, it is good to go. The pen is pre-filled with whichever flavor of vape juice you wanted, and the battery is pre-charged so that you do not have to think about charging. The pen is good until the liquid runs out, then it is time for a new one.

Choose this if… You are not interested in vaping very often and really just want to see if vaping is a good option for you. You do not know how the devices work and you just want to pick up a vape and get going. You don’t mind getting a lower value as long as you can spend very little upfront.

Vape Pods

This is a type of USB vape pen, meaning that you charge it yourself using a USB cable. You insert the vape liquid into the vape pod device by popping in a refill pod, which is a little container filled with the flavored liquid. Once the pod is done, you pop in a new one and continue to charge as you need to.

Choose this if… You are sure that you want to vape and want a device that will last. You do not want a lot of trouble, however, so you really would like it to be easy to refill the vape pen and carry on. It is neither the least nor best value, but you can accept that because of the ease of use and convenience.

Refillable Vape Pens

Another type of USB vape pen, refillable vape pens are much like vape pods but have a different system for being refilled. The pod is instead a small cartridge that you fill with vape liquid of any flavor. You place the cartridge into the vape pen and can puff until the pen needs to be refilled or recharged. Vape liquid is the least expensive of all the refill options for vape devices.

Choose this if… Value is the most important thing to you. You want to get the most product for the least amount spent and to do that, you are willing to put in the effort of pouring in the vape liquid to refill it, and change the cartridge on occasion. You want a product that will last as you care for it.

For whichever type works for your situation, you can find the right vape pen at Cyclone Pods. Whether you will commit to a USB vape pen, or try out the disposable pen is up to you.

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