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Why a Boat Cleaner Makes All the Difference

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If you own a boat or other vehicle that’s designed for the water, you know how much fun and excitement it can add to your life. If you’re a fan of exploring the ocean or your local lake or rivers, or you enjoy fishing as a hobby, you understand the fun of owning a boat or a jetski. Having a boat or other vehicle meant for the water is quite a luxury.

No matter what kind of boat you own or what you use it for, you want to make sure it’s kept in the best condition possible. Owning a boat is not the most inexpensive vehicle to have. It requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance to keep it running efficiently and looking as good as it can.

Especially if you enjoy sailing the deep blue seas in your boat, you need to take extra care. Saltwater can be extremely abrasive and corrosive to the outside of your boat, which is why you need to pay extra attention to it. The salt and other marine organisms that may come in contact with your boat could erode the paint, give the exterior of your boat a dingy look, or scratch it up a bit. More commonly than not when you’re using your boat in the ocean, your boat will come in contact with sand, which on top of the salty water, can be extra abrasive and add to the erosion of the exterior of the boat.

To combat this, you need an arsenal of boat care products to ensure your boat is looking as shiny and good as new as possible. As the use of your boat continues over the summer or whenever you bust it out on the water, dirt and other particles from the water can build up over time, making your boat look a little dingy.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to properly clean your boat to have it looking nice and clean the next time you hit the waters.

1.Rinse it off
A good spray with fresh, clean water can rid of most of the build-up of dirt and other contaminants from the salt or lake water. It’s best to start from the top of the exterior of your boat and work your way down. By using a high-pressure water hose or power washer, it can loosen up all the dirt and grime that is caked on the boat.

2.Clean it With Boat Cleaner
To clean the more stubborn bits of dirt and grime, it’s best to use a high-quality boat soap to make sure the exterior is probably cleaned and washed. The marine gel from Produxa is a great choice for cleaning the exterior of your boat. This all-in-one gel is designed to clean, polish, and seal any marine surfaces to restore the high gloss look, improve clarity, and restore slickness to the surface of your boat. This boat cleaner also helps protect against harmful UV rays that could potentially damage the boat’s exterior and fade away the beautiful paint and other polishes.

3.Buff the Exterior
After thoroughly cleaned and polished, the exterior needs good buffing to increase the shine and remove any dullness that has happened since its last cleaning. This removes oxidation and prepares for the wax that further protects you from the abrasive waters you ride your boat in.

4.Wax it
Wax adds necessary shine and added protection to the exterior of the boat and makes it look good as new.

To find a proper boat cleaner and other necessary products to clean your boat, check out the products from Produxa.

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