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Why a Whitewash Coffee Table Captures the Shabby Chic Look

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There is so much to love about the shabby chic look, which is perhaps why so many homeowners are adopting this charming and uniquely elegant style of decor.

However, to get the right look, you need the right furniture. A whitewash coffee table, for instance, might be just what you need to help your living room come together with the qualities you want.

A Delicate Touch
Whitewash furniture fits well within the scope of shabby chic decor. The gentle off white color and delicate weathering make these furniture pieces stand out with a whimsical character. Such furniture combines elements of traditional elegance and a sense of age and refinement, with fantastical qualities that almost seem surreal. Whitewash furniture simply has an energy to it all its own that other types of furniture lack.

It is this energy that such furniture pieces can impart to your home. A high-quality antique coffee table with a whitewash patina will not only tie the look of your home together, but such a piece of furniture will provide you with much-needed functionality as well. A shabby chic home shouldn’t be all about the looks. You want to create a welcoming space that has an artistic yet practical quality to it.

Every Living Room Needs a Good Coffee Table
To that end, any well-put-together living room needs a suitable coffee table. While an elegant antique-style coffee table will certainly stand out and help create an air of refinement within your home, you also want to consider the practical aspects of such a piece.

For instance, a whitewash coffee table will help with serving food and entertaining guests in your living room, which is important. These furniture pieces are also great for displaying decor, which is a big part of most shabby chic arrangements. While you certainly don’t want to go overboard, the careful use of certain matching decor elements can truly make a room come together.

You can try adding perfume candles or an attractive serving tray or flower arrangement to your vintage coffee table, for instance. This is an easy technique that will greatly improve the overall aesthetic of the room. Keep in mind important shabby chic elements such as florals, lace, and pastel colors. These pair well with whitewash furniture and simply add to the charm of your arrangement.

Find a Whitewash Coffee Table of Your Own
If you want a beautiful-looking, well-made coffee table with attractive weathering and antique-style details that will fit the aesthetic you are going for, you may need to look elsewhere than your local furniture store.

Rather than wait around for the perfect estate sale, you’re much more likely to find what you want over at EloquenceⓇ. They specialize in high-quality vintage-style furniture pieces, many of which feature a traditional farmhouse and shabby chic look. EloquenceⓇ has an assortment of beautiful coffee tables to choose from that will immediately increase the attractiveness of your living room. Visit their furniture boutique and see for yourself the quality of their pieces.

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