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Why MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil is the Biggest Trend in Skincare

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We’re all on the lookout for effective all-natural moisturizers that won’t clog our pores or leave a slimy residue. From luxury-quality body butters to cheap drug store lotions, it’s like a never-ending quest to simply find a reliable product that can be used to form a healthy skincare routine.

MCT fractionated coconut oil may be the answer to many of our skincare prayers. Recently growing in popularity, this natural plant-based oil is making waves as a dependable and nourishing alternative to many of the common products on the market.

Versatile and Effective Moisturizing Qualities
You may already be familiar with ordinary coconut oil as a moisturizing ingredient. It is true that the traditional form of coconut oil is a rather effective moisturizing substance, but it’s not always the most convenient.

What is different about MCT fractionated coconut oil is that it remains in liquid form even under room temperature and absorbs into the skin much easier than the traditional kind. This makes it far more suitable as an actual skin moisturizer that can easily be used on the fly much in the same way you utilize any kind of body oil or moisturizing creme.

Works Great as an Ingredient in Personal Care Products
Of course, the benefits of MCT coconut oil don’t stop there. This kind of coconut oil is actually very useful in terms of using it as an ingredient or complement to other recipes or personal care products. It can be used to craft a wide variety of different massage oils, liquid soaps, various lotions, balms, facial moisturizers, and more.

One of the reasons why this ingredient is becoming so popular and used is because it’s easy to add a few drops of this oil to products you already love, in order to add a helpful dash of moisturizing power that is truly beneficial for the skin. You can also use this coconut oil as a primary ingredient or even as a carrier oil for essential oils so you can use them topically or in tandem with other ingredients. MCT fractionated coconut oil is highly versatile and perfect for helping skin to feel refreshed and silky smooth.

Where Can You Find High-Quality Coconut Oil?
While regular coconut oil is becoming fairly easy to find in stores as of late, you may still have some trouble finding high-quality MCT fractionated coconut oil for use as an everyday moisturizer or beneficial lotion-crafting ingredient.

For a great selection of such ingredients and other soap-making products, is where you want to shop. Their online store is full of high-quality ingredients that are used specifically for making soap, shampoo, lotion, balms, and other personal care products. They even have bath bomb ingredients and the tools necessary in order to create spa-quality homemade bar soaps.

MCT fractionated oil also has a long shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad if you want to pick up a large amount. That’s another benefit of shopping at Not only do they have an incredible selection of ingredients, but they also allow you to purchase the ingredients you want in larger than average quantities, which is useful if you intend on creating your own lotions or other products at home, or if you operate a beauty supply store or salon and want to craft your own branded products to sell.

Want more information about the various ingredients and products available at Simply visit their website or give their team a call at (888) 583-7738. They would be happy to answer any questions.

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