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Why Pastors Wear Robes

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If you’ve ever attended a single church service, you have definitely seen the clergy members wearing special attire at each church service. You might be wondering why these clerical officials have to wear special robes and gowns during church services. That main reason is to show their clerical standings in the church. Each garment has significant religious meaning and is to be worn each time church is being held.

Especially with pastors, they have to wear a certain kind of robe during each church service while they speak to their congregation. Behind those pastor robes is a lot of cultural, historical, and of course religious significance that should be noted. While attending church, it’s helpful to know the certain implications of each garment the clergy wears to feel more connected with your church and the people who run it.

In the church, a pastor’s robe is worn to primarily show and emphasize the official holding of the pastor and cover the personality of the person who stands at the pulpit. This is in no way to take away from the pastor as a person, but as they wear their pastor robes, they are only a pastor in the eyes of the church. Although you may have a personal relationship with your pastor, which is great, wearing the pastor’s robe shows more about their church responsibilities than who they are outside of the church.

When a pastor puts on that robe, it symbolizes that this particular person is reading and preaching the word of the church. Whoever is wearing a pastor’s robe is simply performing the duties set by the church and the God that is worshipped in that church.

Liturgical clothing, otherwise known as vestments, hold several different purposes. It is best to emphasize though, that simply wearing a pastor’s robe does not make this person any holier, significant, or better than the people of the church.

Similar to other jobs such as judges and policemen, they both have to wear certain clothing to match their occupation. This logic is similar to why certain members of the church wear the garments that they wear. Each clerical piece of clothing shows the congregation who has been chosen by the church to preach the word of God. The vestments worn at church should not distract from what is being spoken during church service.

However great pastor robes for males may be for the pastors of each church, the issue remains of where the best place is to find these garments. It’s good to keep in mind that you probably won’t find proper liturgical clothing at your local retail store. It’s not as easy as going out to your local Walmart or Target and stumbling across a pastor robe that is deemed appropriate for church service.

Church garments and vestments are considered a niche market, so there aren’t many readily available options that can be easily accessible. If you are lucky enough, there might be a specialty church store close to you, but for many, that’s not the case.
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