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Why You Should Always Keep Extra Phonak Wax Guards

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If you wear hearing aids regularly, then you will already understand how important it is to take good care of them and check if they need pieces to be replaced on occasion. You always want to have your wax guards doing what they were designed for, so it makes a difference to have extra ones at all times.

Stay Prepared
As with most things, you generally want to be prepared for when things happen suddenly. As it relates to your hearing aids, things that you genuinely rely on, you want to be sure that you have the things that you need, right when you need them. You always want to have extras of certain things around the house like hearing aid batteries and replacement wax guards. Whenever you realize that yours are done, you can easily just reach into a drawer and pull out your next Phonak wax guards to use, with more still left in the pack for next time. It is just a good habit to keep so that you will not have to run into the issue of needing them when they are not there.

Another benefit of always keeping backup Phonak wax guards is that it is just the most convenient thing you can do. If you normally keep a stash of your wax guards, then you will not have to deal with repurchasing them as often. Get a few more than you think you need for a given time and hold onto those so that you can make fewer purchases. You will not have to stress about reminding yourself to get more if you consistently keep some on standby. When you need them, they are right there. And when you run low, you do not have to be in a rush to get new ones.

Change Right Away
Sometimes we do not even realize that our hearing aids need their wax guards replaced. The difference that it makes can be subtle and somewhat gradual, so we do not even realize it at first, but the performance is not what it should be. Sounds are not coming in as clear, and once you do realize this, it can be very frustrating. Keeping an extra pack of your Phonak wax guards means that you can change them out right away without having to buy new ones quickly. Also, you might find that keeping a few extra ones reminds you of the ones you are currently using, so you think about how they seem to be working and check on them more often. This should help to keep you on top of your wax guards and make sure that they are functioning as well as they should.

Make sure that you have what you need to keep your hearing aids in great condition and working as best as they can. You can help them along by staying observant of how they are performing and replacing their parts whenever you need to. Keeping a few extra Phonak wax guards on hand is an easy and simple thing to do, but it can really help. Check to see how many you have right now. When it is time to pick up some more, you can get another pack or two of your wax guards at

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