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Why Your Business Should Upgrade to a Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

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Maintaining proper cleanliness is critical for any property, so it is important that you pay attention to the needs of your janitorial staff to know when it is time for an upgrade. A traditional mop and bucket will get the job done for the time being, but once you are able to, you should definitely consider investing in a walk behind floor scrubber.

A More Thorough Clean
A walk behind floor scrubber is able to provide you with a much more thorough clean than you are likely used to seeing with a conventional mop and bucket combination. With its high-speed spinning disks and cleansing solutions, a walk behind floor scrubber is capable of cleaning different types of flooring with great efficiency. You simply cannot expect the same level of performance from a person as you would a machine specifically designed for the task. If cleanliness is your main objective, a machine floor scrubber is the natural next step for you to take for your property.

Faster Performance
Just as you would expect to see a much more thorough floor cleaning from a walk behind floor scrubber, you would expect to see these results much faster. With its whirring disks, an automatic floor scrubber is able to run over every bit of surface area that you need them to cover, more quickly than if it were a person cleaning that area manually. It can cover the entire floor in less time, which means that your workers will have to spend less time working on that task. Instead, they can spend the same amount of time performing other tasks throughout the building, improving their general productivity, and the building’s cleanliness on any given day. You should also keep in mind that saving time on work equates to money saved, which ultimately pays off your investment in the long run.

Quick Drying Time
As if offering a faster performance was not enough, using a walk behind floor scrubber also leads to reduced drying time. Because these floor machines do not distribute as much liquid while they are cleaning as traditional cleaning tools do, they leave less liquid behind to dry. The cleaning solution used is also known to be much more quick-drying. This makes the entire cleaning process faster, which also allows the hallways and rooms of your building to open up faster after the janitorial staff finishes their work. This is time-saving and more convenient for everyone involved.

Fairly Compact Service
A common concern that some might have before investing in commercial cleaning equipment is that it will be much too large for them to use and store. That is simply not the case with a walk behind floor scrubber. Despite your initial concerns, these types of cleaning tools are actually quite compact. They do not take up much room, which makes them easy to store away in a supply closet. They are also a good size to navigate narrow hallways and smaller rooms to clean the property well. Even moderately sized buildings benefit from this kind of cleaning equipment.

Ease of Use
Your janitorial staff will no doubt be grateful to have a high-quality piece of commercial cleaning equipment at their disposal. It will make their regular tasks much easier and less physically demanding over time. They do not need to strain their bodies for their jobs when the floor scrubber does the main bulk of labor on their behalf. These machines are easy to learn and even easier to work with.

Consider investing in a high-quality walk behind floor scrubber for all that it has to offer your building and staff. They provide an easy, efficient clean that everyone benefits from. Start looking online at different types of floor scrubbers from various brands and pin down the one you need. You can find lots of brands and styles available at right now, such as Karcher, IPC Eagle, and Tornado. Go ahead and upgrade your business where it matters most.

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