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Why You’re Really Looking for a 4ft LED Bulb

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Many shops, garages, retail outlets, and other spaces of public accommodation are lit by T8 fluorescent lights, which are a collective of fluorescent light bulbs that can be identified, in part, by the fact that their tubes are 1 inch wide. (For trivia lovers, the number in fluorescent tube lights gives the diameter of the tube in 8ths of an inch. Therefore, a T8 is 8 8ths or 1 inch wide, whereas a T12 is 12 8ths of an inch and a half wide, and so on and so forth)

These spaces are frequently lit by these fluorescent tube lights because historically fluorescent lights have provided excellent illumination and energy efficiency. Among the many virtues of fluorescent lights are the fact that they provide a wide range of color temperatures and excellent light output, they are relatively energy efficient and they last a very, very long time. Until the advent of LED lights, nothing else really came close to matching this portfolio of assets.

Therefore, for the longest time (and in some respects, continuing through to the present) linear fluorescent lights were a standard of lighting in many different areas. The fact that they can save the user money in so many different ways helped to offset the fact that they were initially expensive to buy and that they contain mercury, which makes it difficult to dispose of them.

That’s increasingly changing as time goes on. Fluorescent lights still present the inefficiencies of cost and the inclusion of harmful components like mercury. They’re also notorious for temperamentality, slow start-up times, and to a lesser extent, to buzzing and flickering. They’ve been buoyed up by their positive attributes, but recently, there’s been a new alternative on the scene that can match and exceed the performance of fluorescent lights in nearly every way.

Enter LED lights, which, in this format, you are probably searching for under the guide of a 4ft LED bulb. LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, exist in quite a range of formats and this is only one – the one that has been developed to mimic the function and utility of most T8 fluorescent lights, which are 4ft long. That configuration is so prevalent that sometimes they are referred to as “4ft light bulbs.”

LED tube lights, which are generally created as replacements for fluorescent lights like T8 lights, can outperform the original fluorescents in many, many ways. A 4ft LED bulb that is intended to replace a fluorescent light can represent significant energy savings, an extended lifespan, better light output, greater variety in color temperature, and much more.

LEDs are more reliable, last longer, use less energy, start up immediately, exhibit a wide range of color temperatures, produce very little heat (saving on cooling costs), and to top it all off, they contain no harmful components or chemicals so it’s easier to dispose of them when that becomes necessary.

That’s the real reason why you (or anyone) would be looking for a 4ft LED bulb. You want a serviceable replacement for your fluorescent lights. You’ll still need to ensure you get the proper model, one that can be retrofitted to your fluorescent fixture and has either ballast compatibility or utilizes ballast bypass. Don’t throw darts at the board. Visit Atlanta Light Bulbs at and tell them what you need to replace and they will present all of your viable alternatives. It’s easy, quick, and efficient and their customer service is unrivaled. Check out their website today and if you still have questions remaining, give them a call at 1-888-988-2852.

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