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Some Good Reasons To Quit Alcohol

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alcohol binds people into its spell and increases the dependency on this substance in due course. As a result, people face a slow death in the hands of this monster gradually losing the quality of their life and happiness. A systematic alcohol detox program provides a comprehensive and proven support to people in their journey to quit alcohol. However, before subscribing to one, you must first be convinced of the good reasons why you must quit alcohol.

Minimizes the risks of accidents

Alcohol is behind most cases of injuries and deaths due to burns, homicides and drowning. Alcohol is also found to be the reason for around four out of 10 fatal traffic crashes, falls and suicides. Studies show that even cutting back by a third of your drinking can help lower the number of sick days and injuries.

A healthier heart

Quitting alcohol or cutting back on the quantity of alcohol consumption can lower the blood pressure, reduce the levels of triglycerides and minimize the chances of heart failure.

Healing of the liver

The primary job of your liver is to filter the toxins from your system. On the other hand, alcohol is found to add toxins to your cells. 15 drinks per week in case of men and around 8 drinks per week for women can lead to damaging the liver seriously leading to a condition known as cirrhosis, fatty liver, and a range of other issues. When you quit alcohol, your liver can regenerate and repair itself. 

Lose those extra calories

A glass of beer stuffs you with around 150 calories while a glass of wine has over 120 calories. You get to gain these extra calories while consuming alcohol. On top of this, alcohol also ramps up your appetite making you impulsive to consume unhealthy foods. By making you unable to resist the temptation for calorie rich foods, alcohol also causes weight gain indirectly. So, giving up alcohol can lead to losing those extra calories the healthy way.

Improvement in relationships

Giving up alcohol can help escape the condition known as alcohol use disorder. Therefore, by giving up alcohol, you can focus on your relationships, health and work. It can also ease anxiety and depression and improve your self-esteem.

Improve your sleep patterns

By consuming alcohol, you might initially feel drowsy, but you will be awake many times in the night. It can also interfere with your breathing and can disrupt the sleep during the most important REM stage. You may also wake up many times to urinate. Giving up alcohol can lead to more restful sleep. 

Your sickness history will improve

Just one bout of alcohol can weaken your immune system for around 24 hours. Over a long period, regular alcohol consumption can impact your body’s immune system and the body’s ability for self-repair. Hence, giving up alcohol can improve your overall health and wellness.

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