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Where to Find the Right Clergy Stoles

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For anyone who has ever attended any sort of church service before, you must have also seen a choir accompany the sermon. Depending on the church, you will usually find at least a few people standing up and leading the church in song. Other churches take pride in their joyous and boisterous choirs; proudly belting out church songs for the entire church to sing along and enjoy. 

`However, if you are a part of your church’s choir, there must be a certain attire you must conform to. Like any other official of the church, there is a dress code, so to speak, for whichever position you hold in the church. As a member of the clergy, you must wear certain attire to be able to properly and appropriately address the members of your congregation. This may vary from each role of your church but every clergy member must wear the garments that fit their role.

This may seem like a simple task to throw on the garment for each church service and go. However, finding the appropriate attire and garment that meet the requirements for your position may be difficult. It’s uncommon you will be able to find appropriate clerical wear from your local clothing retail store. 

Depending on the garments you are required to wear, it can be difficult to find each piece to properly and wholly complete your ensemble. Many members of the clergy are asked to wear different garments over their normal clothing, to show their status in the church while they preach or work with the congregation. 

One of those garments is clergy stoles. But what exactly is it? 

What is a Clergy Stole and How is it Worn?
A stole is a scarf-like piece of fabric that is draped around the neck and lays on top of the rest of the clothing of a member of the clergy. In some churches and denominations, it can represent immortality. It is generally considered a unique badge of the ministry and is conferred at ordination. However, these particular stoles aren’t that easy to find just anywhere, you probably need the luxury of having a religious clothing store close to you, or you must seek elsewhere to find the appropriate clergy stoles. 

Shopping online for clerical wear doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. Online shopping in this case is very effective and convenient for members of the clergy who can’t find exactly what they need. But now, with the help of Divinity Clergy Wear, it’s all in one place. 

Choose Divinity Clergy Wear
At Divinity Clergy Wear, they offer the largest selection of clergy suits, clergy stoles, preacher robes, and most other clerical wear, all on one online platform. For these stoles, you can choose from both men’s and women’s attire and with a great selection of colors and styles. Preaching to your church’s congregation may bring joy to you and everyone around you. You should be proud that you decided to join and show off your talents and appreciation for your church. It’s a beautiful and fulfilling part of being in the church and it’s worth looking your best. Now, it’s just time to look the part. 

Divinity Clergy Wear strives to have their customers looking and feeling their best, all at a great, reasonable price. Check out their website at or give them a call at 877-453-3535. Browse through hundreds of high-quality and attractive clerical clothing garments. No matter the inquiry, the team at Divinity Clergy Wear is there to assist you. 

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