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5 reasons why you certainly need house insurance Alberta

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Very often it has been since that people decide to buy house insurance Alberta not on its merits, but for the simple reason that mortgage-lenders often require it.

Their intention therefore arises not for the sake of covering themselves from potential risks to which they are exposed, but rather to fulfill the conditions & requirements of the mortgage-lender.

The truth however, is just the opposite. House insurance Alberta offers so many benefits that people simply don’t realize.

Below are 5 reasons why you certainly need house insurance Alberta and if you go through each one of them, you will realize that it is something that you simply cannot do without, even if you have paid off your mortgage fully, or your mortgage-lender does not require it anymore.

You get cover for damage both inside and outside

With house insurance Alberta you get cover for costly unexpected damage that might occur at anytime to the inside and outside of your house, irrespective of the fact whether your house is a brand new one or an older one in which you have made renovations.

Contents of your house are also protected

By taking a house insurance Alberta policy, you are able to protect not only the structure of your house, but also the entire house including its contents.

In case there is any theft, or damage, the policy provides cover that you can use to repurchase damaged or stolen items such as furniture, clothes, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, bikes, tools, kitchen gadgets, and almost anything else that you keep inside your house.

Infact, in most cases, it also provides coverage for items that are kept inside your vehicle such as a car, or a truck and are stolen from it.

Personal liability cover

This is an important cover that protects you against personal liability. You may not even think about them, but accidents can happen at any time and some of them might be so severe, that people might get injured.

So for instance, in case you have invited someone to your home and they get hurt, or injured while they are there, then you are liable to bear the expenses caused by their injury, even though you had no role to play in it, or did nothing to cause the injury.

With house insurance Alberta, you can get coverage options for a very high value to protect yourself from damages.

Provides cover from fire-related liability

Fire related risks are present in our daily lives and if left uncovered, can play havoc.

So for instance, just imagine that you are at work and there is no one else at your home. During your absence, a short-circuit occurs in your home’s electrical wiring, as a result of which a fire starts and since there was nobody in your house to notice the fire, or stop it, or raise an alarm, the fire spreads to your neighbor’s house and damages it.

In such a case, you can be held liable for the damage done to their property. This is the reason why it makes sense to obtain a cover against fire-related liability.

Covers and pays for your expenses both during and after an emergency

In the aftermath of an emergency, chances are that you may not have a place to live.

In such a situation house insurance Alberta provides cover against additional living expenses that you may incur while staying in a temporary residence, until it is safe for you to return home.


Each of the above reasons fully justifies the purchase of house insurance Alberta. Such a policy is not expensive at all, when you look at the peace of mind that it offers you.

It therefore makes sense to contact an experienced insurance broker who can understand your needs, professionally answer your questions and offer you a quick quote.

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