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3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Whipped Honeys

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If you have not already welcomed whipped honey into your life with open arms, then you are missing out on adding some incredible, smooth flavors into your everyday life. Whipped or creamed honey, if you didn’t know, is made of honey that has been crystallized and processed into a smooth, creamy, and delicious spread that can be used in just about any way you like. Just by looking at it, you would hardly be able to tell that this lightly-colored creamy spread once resembled a normal jar of golden honey. But once you get to try it, you will immediately recognize that familiar taste, but with a twist. Whipped honey makes a great addition to any kitchen and is easy to incorporate into your everyday snacks and meals.

As a Spread
Whipped honey is an amazingly versatile ingredient that is also incredibly easy to use in all sorts of simple recipes at home. For starters, you can enjoy it as a spread on a warm roll or thick slice of fresh-baked bread. This is a great way to start the morning off with a satisfying breakfast. It is a quick way to give yourself something to eat before heading out in the morning, which is great for those who often rush out the door and skip the meal altogether.

As a Dip
For a snack any time of the day, scoop out some of your whipped honey and enjoy it as a dip for any kind of snack you like with it. You could get a small bowl of apple slices, pretzels, crackers, biscuits, or anything else you want and dip them into your honey as a light, tasty snack. Experiment with different flavors and mix up what you choose to dip into it.

As a Mixer
For a little bit of flavor added to your warm drinks, you might enjoy using whipped honey as a mix-in ingredient. The consistency is so smooth that it just melts right in and adds the perfect amount of flavor with a little body to it to enhance the flavor of any drink you are having. Serve warm tea with plain or lemon-flavored honey or mix a spoonful of cinnamon whipped honey into your hot apple cider for an autumnal treat.

The next time you are shopping for honey, you might want to add a jar or two of whipped honey to that list. They come in so many amazing flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, and of course, original, that you are bound to fall in love with their smooth spreadable consistency and delicious taste. Try them as we recommended or in any recipe you can think up on your own. Once you get some for yourself, you are certainly going to enjoy experimenting with whipped honey, adding it to breakfast items, desserts, and snacks. Just try not to eat it straight out of the jar too much, although we understand the temptation. You can buy whipped honey in a variety of flavors and as mixed sampler sets at Pick out the most delicious-looking flavors and enjoy.

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