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5 Great Ways to Enjoy Your Beehive Honey

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As versatile and delicious as fresh honey is, it is no wonder that people have created so many ways to prepare and serve their honey after extracting the honey from the hive. We absolutely love finding new ways to enjoy this timeless ingredient and we are always excited to make them available right here at Savannah Bee so that everyone can get the chance to try out these treats for themselves. Fresh beehive honey can be found in so many different forms, recipes, and preparations, that it only feels right to share some of them with you. Here are five of the best ways we can recommend you taste test beehive honey at home.

For Your Tea
Honey and tea are a classic combination that works well no matter the time of year. Of course, it is normally a winter staple, since so many of us turn to it at the slightest sign of a cough or cold. For something that you rely on when you need to feel better, you want to set the standard pretty high. That is why we have our special Honey For Your Tea as an option for those looking to sweeten their warm beverages. It was crafted to provide just the right amount of light, mellow sweetness so that your drink feels a little gentler going down. Honey For Your Tea also pairs well with other drinks like lemonade and cider, but we just had to highlight this classic duo.

With Your Meals
Honey does not just pair well with your drinks, but with your warm meals as well. Anyone who considers themselves to be a master of barbecue knows fully well the impact that a good jar of honey can have in preparing your sauces. You can use your honey to prepare a marinade for your meat overnight, or as a glaze while your food is hot on the grill. Our specialized recipe for Honey For The Grill makes preparing for your next barbecue a breeze. The honey is packed with flavor on its own and combines with other flavors beautifully to create a subtly sweet, well-balanced barbecue sauce.

Raw Honeycomb
Raw honeycomb has to be the most direct way to enjoy your freshly harvested beehive honey. It allows you to enjoy your raw honey with a little something extra. With raw honeycomb, you can slice up a tray and serve it with crackers, cheese, and other complementary foods so that the flavors and textures play off of each other nicely. A tray of fresh honeycomb is perfect for serving to people at parties so that everyone can enjoy it. But you might also prefer keeping a jar of honeycomb to snack on by the spoonful. We can’t blame you; we absolutely do the same.

Whipped Honey
On the topic of snacking, we have to bring up whipped honey as a great way to snack. Whipped honey, also known as creamed honey or spun honey, is fresh honey that has been processed to control the crystallization and whipped up to create a super smooth consistency. The result of this process is a super creamy, smooth spread that applies to anything like a dream. It maintains its naturally sweet flavor but transforms in texture. It is amazing to serve on bread as a quick breakfast or snack option. Because it is so easy to work with in this form, you can apply your whipped honey to anything you have in mind like crackers, cookies, biscuits, and so on. A quick tip is to mix it into a warm drink and see the difference in its flavor and consistency make.

Raw Honey
We knew we had to take the time to discuss this reliable, amazing way to enjoy honey. Raw honey is honey that has been strained, but not processed after being extracted from the beehive. Based on where it was sourced, raw honey can have very distinct flavors that set it apart from each other. You can pick up on these by looking for specialty flavors like lavender and acacia to try with your snacks or drinks. Honey has a wide range of uses in the kitchen, so you could consider this the jar of honey you keep in the cupboards at all times. It always helps to keep some honey around the kitchen.

Maybe now you know a little bit more about the different ways that you can enjoy high-quality beehive honey. If any of these are new to you or just sound appetizing, we would definitely suggest you pick some up to try out for yourself. Pick out the ones that you would like to share with family and friends, and some that you would like to keep just for you. At Savannah Bee, we certainly have lots of options for you to choose from. You have plenty of ways to enjoy your honey, so don’t be shy about trying out new flavors and recipes.

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