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5 Reasons to Quit Caffeine (and Why Switch to a Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative)

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Most of us love our coffee. Is there really anything more satisfying than pouring a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and sipping it, slowly feeling yourself enlivening?

That experience really is second to none. However, caffeine quite honestly wreaks havoc on the human body, as it is an addictive stimulant. That is why it is not the most ideal substance to be continually putting into your body– especially not when you do so excessively.

For those of you considering quitting caffeine, you have come to the right place. We have five reasons to quit caffeine for good (and a bonus section on a caffeine-free coffee alternative, a great way to get your coffee without caffeine but with extra benefits!).

1. Improved Sleep
Caffeine drastically impacts our quality of sleep. This is because caffeine has a half-life of four to six hours, which can cause you to be unable to sleep after consuming the substance. By quitting caffeine entirely, you will improve your quality of sleep, both in terms of how long you sleep and how well you stay asleep.

2. Break Your Addiction to Caffeine
As aforementioned, caffeine is an addictive substance. Depending on the stimulant in order to stay awake and stay focused can be a detriment to your life in general. In order to not be so dependent on caffeine, you can quit. This can loosen the grip of addiction and improve your life.

3. Boost Your Mood
Caffeine plays a massive role in our mood. For example, many people claim to be “grumpy” and irritable due to their caffeine intake and/or after the caffeine wears off. By quitting caffeine, you can improve your mood overall!

4. Decrease Your Anxiety
Many people claim that their caffeine intake increases their anxiety symptoms– which is quite true considering the science. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which, when there is improper cortisol output, can create anxiety symptoms (along with other psychological and physical issues). By quitting caffeine, you can decrease your symptoms of anxiety!

5. Fewer Bathrooms Trips
Coffee and other caffeinated beverages are mild diuretics, which means they can lead to more urine output. This diuretic effect, also depletes the bodies minerals reserves in this process. Not only that, but it also stimulates the colon, which leads to increased defecation. That means that you’ll be needing more bathroom trips than you normally would, and that can be quite inconvenient when you are in meetings, on road trips, or attending important events.

By quitting caffeine, you greatly diminish your need to use the restroom– and that can bode well for your time, comfort levels, body, and convenience!

Why Switch to a Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative?
While it is a great idea to quit coffee and other caffeinated drinks, it is no easy task by any means. You can experience several undesirable effects, such as headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and so much more.

That is why you should wean yourself off with the Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative from Raw Revelations. It provides you with both the bold and divine flavor of coffee without the caffeine. It also contains beneficial nutrients, like Holy Basil and Ashwagandha. It will also drastically diminish those awful withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches!

Check out this coffee alternative without caffeine from Raw Revelations today (along with their other healthful offerings) and get yourself on the right path to living a healthier, happier life!

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