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A Look at Cartridge Battery Pens

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With the rise of oil cartridges, vape pen batteries have become more popular than ever. These simple devices are both incredibly easy to use and they are extremely compact. If you are interested in learning more about cartridge battery pens, today we will be looking at what makes these little vapes tick.

What is a Vape Pen

All vaporizers have two main components, the atomizer that produces vapor and the battery that powers the atomizer. Vape pens are designed to attach directly to 510 thread vape atomizers. Many of these atomizers are disposable, but some are designed to be refilled. One of the biggest advantages to using vape pens is the fact that they are almost entirely standardized around the 510 thread.

510 Threads

510 threads are a special size of connectors for vape batteries. The threads are called 510 because they feature ten 0.5mm threads. These threads have become commonplace in the vape industry and almost all oil and wax pen cartridges are designed to fit 510 thread batteries. This means that owning a high quality cartridge battery is essential for anyone who is a fan of oil vaping and concentrate carts.

Common Features

As we have mentioned, these vape batteries are designed to be as easy to use as possible. Most will feature a draw activated design or a simple single button control to make the vaping experience as simple as possible. Typical cartridge battery pens can be recharged using a 510 USB adapter or a micro usb charging port. As the name vape pen battery suggests, most of these batteries are designed to have a standard pen shape, though some are designed to be wider and shorter, often allowing the cartridge to be installed in a channel with a window to view the liquid levels.

Additional Features

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a vape battery are the extra features that they can offer. A lot of these vapes try to stand out from the competition by including additional features both big and small. Variable voltage settings and airflow controls are a common feature that allows vapers to really dial in the ideal vaping experience. Some of these vapes will even feature a small rubber end that lets vapers use the pen as a stylus when using their smartphone or tablet.

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