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A Quick Guide to Choosing The Right Maca Powder

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Want to start eating better and getting more nutrients in your diet? Maca powder is an easy way to give your diet a push in the right direction, as it is full of vitamins and minerals, as well as several other important nutrients, and can be used with a wide range of different recipes.

However, there are several different kinds of maca products out there, and if you want to get the most out of this root vegetable, it’s important to know just which color to eat or which kind to use. This little guide will fill you in on the basics of each kind of maca root product so that you know exactly where to start.

Red Maca Powder
Let’s start off with red maca, which is typically thought of as being more beneficial for balancing hormonal issues in women, and for matters of the prostate in men. You will want to start using red maca powder in your diet if you are concerned about such issues as the symptoms of menopause, female fertility, improving energy levels, or managing fatigue or depression.

Black Maca Powder
Black maca is the “rarest” kind of maca produced in every harvest. Typically, only about 15% to 20% of any batch of maca is black, but it is well worth using because this kind of maca is what bodybuilders typically seek. Of all the kinds of maca that are out there, it seems that the nutrient profile of black maca powder specifically makes it the most viable in terms of providing potential benefits at the gym.

Black maca is also associated with male fertility and libido, as well as increased endurance and stamina. It’s no secret why this is perhaps the most sought-after form of maca root on the market. If you are looking to get better results at the gym naturally or simply improve male hormonal balance, it would appear that black maca products are the way to go.

Don’t Forget About Yellow Maca
As for yellow maca, this is considered the best all-around form of maca. If you aren’t quite sure which kind of maca is right for you and you aren’t taking maca for any specific health benefits or reason, you may want to go the yellow route. It’s the most common form of maca yet still packs the same kind of nutritional punch.

Gelatinized Maca Products
In case you have a history of sensitive digestion or if you know that you have issues with starchy foods, you may want to consider gelatinized maca powder rather than raw. The difference with this kind of maca is that it has been pre-cooked in order to remove most of the starch content, thereby making it far easier to digest for most people.

There is somewhat of a drawback to using gelatinized maca, as certain nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process, most notably Vitamin C and certain enzymes. However, the vast bulk of the nutrient content remains and is more concentrated in these kinds of maca products due to the lack of starch that is present. If you know you have a sensitive digestive tract and still want to enjoy the potential benefits of maca, you will definitely want to use the gelatinized form. Don’t worry, you can find both red maca and black maca in a gelatinized form if you know where to shop.

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