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Are You Looking for Edibles in Long Beach?

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For some cannabis fans, edibles are the preferred method of enjoying their THC. Not only does edible use allow for more precise dosing and a consistent experience, but finding the right edibles in a convenient location can be challenging. If you are looking for edibles in Long Beach, then you need to check out the options available from Paris Cannabis.

Paris Cannabis is a company dedicated to providing medical and recreational cannabis users, with a great selection of high quality strains of flower that they have bred themselves, starting with their Paris OG strain in 2006. Their flower varieties include several Cannabis Cup winning strains. In addition to the renowned flower and concentrate options, they are also a great place to find edibles in Long Branch. You can find Paris Cannabis products  in stores across California and Washington. You can also visit their Los Angeles location or order delivery of their products if you live in South LA or the OC.

In order to offer their customers a wide variety of options, the team at Paris Cannabis Co have selected a variety of edible products for their store. This makes it easy for customers to find the edibles they need while also ordering flower and concentrates. Their edible products include the following options:

Cosmic Cookies

Cosmic cookies are a delicious way to ingest your cannabis. These vegan cookies are made in California using organ ingredients and are entirely vegan. Paris Cannabis Co carries several types of Cosmic cookies including bite sized 10mg cookies and larger 100mg cookies. The 100mg chocolate chip cookies are formulated to offer a strong chocolate flavor so all you taste is the delicious recipe and not the cannabis. All of these cookies are the perfect combination of soft, chewy, sweet, and salty.

Infused Gummies

Gummies are some of the most popular options when it comes to edible THC consumption. The 100mg gummy packs available from Paris Cannabis are a great way to get a satisfying dose of THC in the form of sweet, chewable gummies. Typically the individual gummies will each have a set strength, making it easy to get a precise dose of THC. Paris Cannabis also carries Kahna Hybrid Nano Gummies, which are designed to act in half the time it takes traditional gummies to take effect.

Tonik Beverages

While most edibles are eaten, you can also drink your THC. Tonik beverages are delicious liquid shots that contain THC. Many varieties also contain other ingredients like caffeine or melatonin depending on the desired effect when taking a dose. The sweet taste of these drinks make them a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys the relaxing effects of cannabis, but not the strong flavor of flower that can be found in some edibles.

You can find all of these edibles and plenty of other amazing products by visiting the Paris Cannabis Co website. Whether you need edibles in Long Branch or flower in Orange County, you will be able to place a convenient delivery order online so getting the cannabis products you need could not be easier.

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