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How a Honey Straw Could Become Your New Favorite Treat

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When you are having some cravings and need a little pick-me-up, we know at least one treat that will do a great job of satisfying your sweet tooth and leaving you feeling a little bit peppier. For times like this, it is a good idea to keep a pack of honey straws lying around. Or maybe a few packs to be honest.

What Is A Honey Straw?
A honey straw, also known as a honey stick, is a sweet treat composed of honey injected into an enclosed plastic straw. In order to get to the sweets inside, you have to cut or rip off the plastic end. Then you are free to eat the honey straight from the straw or squeeze it out to serve with your food or drinks.

Burst of Energy
A good way to pick up your energy when you are feeling sluggish is to grab a quick snack that will bring you back to normal. A honey straw is perfect for times when you are feeling low on energy or haven’t had the chance to eat in a while. Pop one open while you are at work, hustling on the commute, or when starting or finishing up a good workout. They give you a nice little burst of energy with every syrupy drop. The fact that each honey straw is pre-measured and portioned out makes it even easier to enjoy. The packaging makes sure that you get just the right amount of honey with each serving.

Served With Drinks
While they are great on their own, honey straws also make nice additions to other food and drinks. We are looking at warm drinks in particular. When sipping on a cup of hot tea, you might be glad that you had a honey straw on standby. You could squeeze a little bit of it into the tea if you feel like it is missing that extra touch of sweetness, or you can enjoy it straight out of the pack for that pop of sugar in your mouth before you take your next sip. Some people like to drop their straws right into their cups with the bottom end ripped open. This allows the honey to slowly seep out into the cup as you mix the straw around in the cup. It is a little more convenient than bringing out a jar or bottle of honey.

Treat for the Kids
If you have any children running around the house, asking for snacks, then you will definitely want to keep a few packs of honey straws in the cabinets for them. Honey is undoubtedly better for your kids than candy and it can help you avoid the habit of giving them candy and junk food too often. A honey straw is a sweet treat that can keep them happy and hold them over for a while. And with children, that is all you can really ask for.

Quick Add-On to Lunch
While the kids are enjoying their honey straws, you can treat yourself to one as well. Throw a honey straw into everyone’s lunch bag and surprise them with a little treat to go with their meal. The packaging makes it ideal for carrying with you on the go, and for adding to your lunch when you are in a rush, but want something sweet for later.

We’re sorry if all this talk of honey has given you some cravings. Thankfully, you do not need to look very far to find some delicious, high-quality honey straws for sale. The ones from Savannah Bee in particular are amazing and made from 100% pure Acacia honey, rich in flavor and natural nutrients. It’s a treat you are sure to love.

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