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How You Could Be Using Oil Based Food Coloring for Chocolate

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As a baker, you are always looking for new ways to get creative and show off what you can do. You love to work with the ingredients and materials you have on hand to create as many new things as you can. As you experiment with new ingredients and techniques, you discover exciting new ways to work with what you have and learn by trial and error. If you haven’t already explored everything you can do with oil based food coloring for chocolate, then you are missing out. You will want to test the ingredient out for yourself to see what you can create with it. Oil based food coloring for chocolate can be a great, versatile, and useful item to have on your kitchen shelves. Take a closer look at this food coloring to see what we mean.

What Is Oil Based Food Coloring?
Oil based food coloring is a specific type of food coloring that is meant to be used with oil or fat-based ingredients. Oil-based colors are good to have available when the substances you are working with do not integrate well with water. Oil based colors, also known as candy colors, will often be used with things like melted white chocolate, chocolate candy wafers, compound coatings, hard candy, and icings. You absolutely need to use candy colors for some recipes because water-based food coloring does not always work. If you try to incorporate a water-based food coloring into an oil based mix like white chocolate, the result will be unusable. Water and oils do not combine well and the mix you have will begin to seize up and become chunky and grainy. Oil based colors, on the other hand, will blend into the white chocolate smoothly and easily.

How Is It Used?
Oil based food coloring is used in baking and cake decorating to customize the color of the decoration and make it fit whatever style they are going for. It can be mixed into a batch of icing to change the color for cakes and cupcakes, or it can be used with melted candy and white chocolate wafers. With the candy or chocolate properly melted and tempered, add a small amount of the oil-based color and adjust the color as you like with different shades or more of the same. Once the candy is colored, it can be used for any kind of cake decoration.

Experimenting With Oil Based Food Coloring for Chocolate
With a container of melted and colored white chocolate, you can get creative with your decorating. Pour the chocolate into molds to create small, decorative candy figures and use these to top cakes and cupcakes. Drizzle the chocolate over the cake to create a fun, colorful design over cakes and other baked goods. You can also pour it onto a tray with small treats like pretzels, nuts, and fruits mixed in to make a candy bark. You have plenty of options for decorating here, it’s all up to you.

As creative as you like to get when it comes to baking, you want to have all of the right materials with you to do anything and everything that pops up in your mind. Having something as versatile as an oil based food coloring for chocolate is great for cake decorating, candy making, and general experimentation with different materials you might not get the chance to work with very often. Pick up some candy colors in a good range of primary and secondary colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, etc., and see what you can do with them. Check out some of the candy color options over at to see what your kitchen is missing. Experiment with something new and see what can happen.

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