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The Best Maca Capsules for Those With Sensitive Digestion

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Are you thinking of trying maca root but are concerned that it may upset your digestion? While it’s true that the starch content present in this root vegetable doesn’t always play nicely with everyone, there are great alternatives if you know where to shop.

Don’t let the thought of an upset stomach keep you from enjoying the potential health benefits of maca. Below you will find out where to shop for the best maca capsules if you have a sensitive stomach, as well as how to know which kind of maca is right for you best on your particular needs.

Why Gelatinized Maca May Be Right For You
There’s no getting around the fact that raw maca root does naturally contain some starch, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent if you’re curious about trying it for yourself. You can actually cook the starch out of maca through a process known as gelatinization.

Your first thought might be to assume that cooked maca isn’t as healthy and nutritious as the gelatinized kind, but it depends primarily on the cooking process. If the maca is cooked properly, only a minimal amount of nutritional value is lost, mostly consisting of Vitamin C and some plant enzymes.

For anyone interested in improving their diet using high-quality maca root, gelatinized maca products are certainly a great option. By cooking away the starch content, the maca becomes much easier to digest, even for those with sensitive digestion. The best maca capsules that contain gelatinized maca root won’t give you any cramping, gas, or other issues associated with digestive upset.

What Color Maca is the Best Kind?
Once you decide that pre-cooked maca is best for you based on your digestive needs, it’s time to think about which color of maca suits your needs best. While there are no substantial differences between the color variants of maca root, as they are all the same species and the product of the same harvests, there is some indication that the colors are reflective of certain nutritional differences that may be present in the roots.

To determine the best maca capsules for you, think about what your health and diet goals are. Maca root has been linked to a variety of potential health benefits, from improving circulation to fertility issues, muscle-building, and even hormonal balance. Which area of health you are focusing on may determine which kind of maca is right for you. For instance, if you are a woman interested in potentially relieving the symptoms of menopause, red maca capsules may be the ideal choice for you.

Need a bit more information on maca root or thinking of buying maca pills online? The best place to do so is at The Maca Team. They have a wealth of information featured on their website, and a great selection of products, including maca that’s gelatinized as well as raw.

All of their maca is minimally processed, GMO-free, and as fresh as possible, so if you want to experience the best that maca root has to offer, The Maca Team is where you need to do your shopping.

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