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The VQ Volt: An Amazing Juul Phone Charger

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The Juul vaporizer helped to revolutionize the vape industry. Instead of requiring vapers to carry large box mods and bottles of juice, the Juul pod system used a sleek battery and pre-filled vape pods to make vaping easy and convenient. While these vapes are extremely convenient, the small size also comes with a small battery capacity, meaning that you have to charge your Juul device throughout the day in order to always have it ready to vape. For Juul fans who are tired of searching for a place to charge their vape, the VQ Volt is a Juul phone charger that helps to keep your Juul charged and ready to go.

The Juul Labs pod system has two parts, the pods and the battery. The Juul battery is a relatively simple device. Each battery contains a bit of circuitry to control the firing of the vape, an attachment point for the pods, a charging port, and an internal battery. This battery has a capacity of 200 mAh or milliampere hours. This is a very small capacity, but when you consider the low power requirements of the Juul, it can typically vape a pod per charge.

For vapers who love using their Juul, forgetting to charge it can often leave you with a dead battery in the middle of your day. Keeping a Juul charger on hand is convenient if you are near a USB port or you have a phone charger to plug it in to, but it is hard to match the convenience of portable charging.

The VQ Volt is one of the most convenient Juul portable chargers on the market. Instead of taking up space in your pocket or bag, the VQ Volt is a Juul phone charger that mounts easily to the back of your smartphone. This lets you keep your vape attached to your phone while it charges, which helps you keep your Juul on hand and fully charged whenever you need it. The VQ Volt attaches to your phone using a stick on a steel plate that the charger attaches to magnetically.

At only 10mm or 0.4″ thick, the VQ Volt is small and thin enough to attach to a wide range of smartphone cases without significantly increasing their size. Despite its compact design, the VQ Volt has an internal 420 mAh battery. This means that you can fully recharge a 200 mAh Juul battery twice and still have some charge to spare. The charger even comes with an extra steel plate so you can attach it to your nightstand or another flat surface when you are not on the go.

You can find one of these convenient Juul phone chargers when you visit Their team of vape innovators helped to design the original VQ Lite silicone phone mounted vape holder and now their VQ Volt is changing the game by keeping your vape securely attached to your phone while also ensuring that it stays charged and ready to use.

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