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Best Times to Give Tiffany Lamps as Gifts

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You may have heard of Tiffany lamps and saw how visually pleasing they are, thinking of how perfect they would make a lovely gift someday. But you may not have known exactly when you should give one away as a gift. Surely it should be some sort of special occasion to match such a present. In our experience, these are the best times to present a loved one with a Tiffany lamp as a gift.

Housewarming Party
Typically around housewarming parties, everyone chips in to give the new homeowners something nice for the house. It could be practical or more decorative, but it should ideally be something that involves the home. Stained glass lamps are a great example of a gift you could give because they are practical home appliances but they are also much finer than many new homeowners may allow themselves to buy.

First time homeowners are usually more modest about certain elements in the home including home decor. Although they might not be in a position to fill their homes with items like Tiffany lamps, they may certainly appreciate it coming from you.

These Tiffany table lamps feature the most beautiful art glass shades with stained glass windows and fine details. They lend themselves tremendously well to becoming housewarming gifts. They are also an excellent size for giving to your friends or family members because they are luxurious, but not over-the-top. They still feel like an appropriate gift for the housewarming.

For many families, it has become customary to give a person in mourning the gift of a Tiffany style lamp as a bereavement gift. This is known as a memory lamp and is meant to be given to those who have recently lost a close relative.

The idea of giving Tiffany lamps as gifts for such occasions is full of intention and symbolism with the lamp being an object that brings light into the world and shines on darkness. Even in our darkest days, we know that light still exists somewhere and we will be able to see it again.

These are beautiful gifts just for the objects that they are, but once you tie in the symbolic meaning during a difficult time, it becomes beautiful in a new way. It is challenging to give people gifts during such times, but one that is full of sincerity can help.

Wedding Anniversary
Very often for the wedding anniversaries of friends or family members, it can be a little tricky looking for some good gift ideas. You are purchasing something for two people, so it has to be something they can both get use out of. As if gift giving were not hard enough.

A popular approach towards choosing anniversary gifts has been to purchase items for the home instead. This gives them something that they can both appreciate and use on their own or together. After however many years of marriage and creating a home together, couples usually enjoy spending more for things around the house anyway. It feels like an investment in their lives together.

Gifts like Tiffany lamps are perfect for such occasions because they are practical and still decorative at the same time. The Tiffany glass adds a lot of personality to the item as well.

Whatever occasion or event you may have in mind, you can find the perfect Tiffany style table lamps available at jdevlinglassart.com. They have some beautiful pieces of fine glass art including different styles of Tiffany lamps. You can find the perfect one to match the preferences of the person or people you are shopping for and take pride in your selection. Check them out and keep them in mind the next time you need to go gift shopping.

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