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Kari Gran Lip Whip: The Consummate Merger of Beauty and Lip Care

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The Blue Beauty movement, like the healthy beauty, green beauty, eco-friendly, and eco-luxe beauty movements, are driven by the same passion. It is a passion to find and use the finest ingredients and to do the best for ourselves and the environment. It encapsulates more than simply sourcing nature’s finest ingredients and producing non-toxic, holistically healthy beauty products. It is about sustainability and a commitment to progress.

A central component of the concept is a commitment to using the finest ingredients to make skincare and beauty products that are, simply, better. Kari Gran Lip Whip is representative of these tenets.

A lipstick manufacturer might only be concerned with the pigmentation of the final product, and not exhibit concern for ingredients, sourcing, or processes. A producer of lip balm might take an interest in beneficial or sustainable ingredients and lose sight of the opportunities that brilliant lip glosses and lipsticks provide.

Kari Gran Lip Whip provides the idyllic experience with a merger of the two. It is the consummation of a healthy, eco-friendly beauty product that combines the benefits of a nourishing lip balm with the aesthetic beauty of an opaque lipstick.

With an artful combination of choice Camellia seed oil, Calendula oil, Castor seed oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oils, and a variety of pigments (which will vary according to the color) Kari Gran Lip Whip provides a nourishing moisture boost to your lips while creating a dazzling bright burst of hues.

With this Lip Whip from Kari Gran, you no longer need to choose between visual appeal and nourishing function – you can have lip color and nourishment in one lip product.

About Kari Gran

Kari Gran – which produces the Lip Whip featured here along with other unique, groundbreaking beauty products – revolves around a promise. Their central philosophy is a promise to make “Skincare As Simple As It Should Be.”

Kari Gran stands for the simple things that can make skincare and beauty great, not the little differences on which other producers rely to produce items that address symptoms without addressing the causes. Kari Gran takes the approach that ingredients matter, and that sometimes the simplest ingredients are the best, and most effective, for nourishing your skin.

Kari Gran’s products, including the Lip Whip featured here along with sunscreens and lip brushes, are produced using only the finest wild-harvested, organic, non-GMO plant-based products. They are produced with no water added so that their customers can experience the effects of these powerful ingredients without dilution, in their strongest natural state.

Kari Gran Lip Whip Awaits at Beauty Heroes

Kari Gran is only one of the organic beauty brands carried by pioneering clean beauty retailer Beauty Heroes, whose founder, Jeannie Jarnot, began the Blue Beauty movement. Committed to providing the finest healthy and eco-friendly beauty products, Beauty Heroes is one of the preeminent, trusted sources of body, skin, and hair care products made with organic, non-toxic products that represent a trend towards conscious beauty and reducing the production of waste as a by-product. They also specialize in and provide, makeup, gifts, and other consciously and sustainably produced healthy beauty products.

To learn more about the Lip Whip featured here, see a full ingredient list, or learn more about the maxims followed – and championed – by Beauty Heroes, visit their website at You can also connect with them on their social media on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to get inspired and involved.

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