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Don’t Miss These Davinci Changing Tables and Trays

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A changing table is a great asset for young parents to have in a nursery. Changing is something that you’ll need to do and get comfortable with in the months after you bring home a newborn, and proper cleaning and changing are vital. They ensure not only the safety but also the comfort of the child, and proper practices are important to develop.

Don’t fall into the ways of thinking that a changing table like a Davinci changing table is anything less than a necessity. There are few other places in a room where you will have the ability to change your baby at a comfortable level while ensuring safety and that the essentials are close at hand. In that way, a changing table or a tray is every bit as much of a necessity as a crib is. Consider these options in your shopping, and in the event that you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team.

Davinci Jenny Lind Changing Table
This Davinci changing table will give you plenty of functionality and make your life a lot easier than a parent, but it will also breathe a breath of fresh air into your nursery. Attractively outfitted with elegantly formed spindle posts, this changing table is something to look at; but that’s only the beginning of what it can provide.

Wipes, baby powder and new diapers always need to be close at hand near a changing table, and this model comes with two shelves that provide ample space for storage and then some. In addition, this model is made with anti-tip technology to enhance its safety and on top of that, it features a 1 inch thick waterproof pad on the top to keep things as clean, dry and sanitary as possible.

Convenient and practical, this is the kind of changing table that you will want to include into your nursery, especially if you need a pairing for other similar models like the Jenny Lind Crib that matches beautifully with it.

This Davinci changing table has form and function, but it also will give you some peace of mind. It’s made using sustainable pine wood grown in New Zealand, and better yet, it’s finished with non toxic paint and is lead and phthalate safe.

Davinci Universal Removable Changing Tray
If you’re looking for something simpler and possibly even more convenient, then the Davinci Universal Removable Changing Tray may be more to your speed. Sometimes you don’t want to have to build a changing table into the design of the nursery, and a changing table like this will bring you all of the benefits while allowing you to put the tray away when not in use.

It’s ideal for using atop a dresser like the one we will introduce a bit later in this article, and offers plenty of space as well as a universal fit. Though it can be mounted to the tops of other dressers fairly easily, it includes safety brackets for mounting securely to the dresser that is included with the unit. This hardware can easily be removed so that the dresser can adapt to the needs of the nursery.

As an added bonus, this unit, like the one above, is also made with New Zealand Pine wood, has a non-toxic finish and is lead and phthalate safe.

Davinci Charlie 3-Drawer Dresser
You might be thinking that this is not a Davinci changing table, and while you would be categorically correct, you would also be missing out on an opportunity to match this dresser to your nursery; you can easily convert it into a changing table with a tray, such as those mentioned above.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something with the functionality of a dresser that can be sometimes put to use as a changing table, a model like this might be ideal. It has a classic design, making it compatible with a number of settings, a durable construction, and plenty of space within its 3 drawers. There’s plenty of room whether you need them for cleaning essentials or for diapers or clothing.

If you’re looking for options such as these in a changing table, you can find them and many others at Kids-N-Cribs at If you have questions about these products or would like to ask their advice, remember that they are only a call away! You can get them by phone at 925-778-2229 whenever you have questions or concerns.

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