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Growing Morning Glories on a Trellis [It’s Easy!]

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Morning Glories are amazing plants. They’re beautiful, have been cultivated in a wide range of colors, grow rapidly and aggressively, and most importantly, are easy to care for. If there’s one type of flower that you can simply plant and just let do its thing – it’s a morning glory.

As hardy and fast-growing as they are, if you want your morning glories to be as big and beautiful as possible, follow these tips.

Provide a Metal Trellis
The one thing you legitimately need to provide these plants is a vertical garden trellis or some other support. Without some sort of vertical support (such as garden trellises offer), morning glories will find their own. They will cling to siding, gutters, other plants – anything they can reach as they climb for the sun.

They can grow several inches per day and will quickly cover such a structure in the warmer months. The best way to make a beautiful arrangement is to select a durable metal trellis because then you can choose the location you want to grow your blooms and set it there.

This lets you choose the planting location with respect to the sun, soil, and aesthetic considerations. We recommend H Potter (hpotter.com) because their metal trellises are completely unique, handcrafted, and exhibit extraordinary durability so you can use them season after season.

Wood trellises are nice, but they are susceptible to fading and decay; the powder coat finishes of many metal trellises at H Potter will rebuff the elements and remain beautiful and practical!

Soil, Sun, and Sowing
Before you set up your trellis, there are two important things we have to address: sun and soil. The first is soil; morning glories prefer rich, well-drained soil. They will not tolerate extremely soggy soil or heavy clay but they are fairly tolerant of sand (sometimes wild related species can be found growing on beach dunes.) Remember, you can supplement nutrients, but once you select a location, you can’t really change the soil composition once you’ve planted.

As for sun – pick a location with full sun. Morning glories are voracious sun lovers and will soak up every ray they can get. Full sun is best; these flowers do not do well in shade.

We recommend sewing directly as most plants, including morning glories, are susceptible to transplant shock. Once you’ve positioned your metal trellis, turn over the soil, soak it thoroughly, and press down your morning glory seeds about a hand inch to an inch down. You should have seedlings within a week to ten days!

The Need to Feed (and Water)
One note: morning glories grow very rapidly but in fertile, well-drained, loamy soil, there isn’t much need to feed them. You can use a regular 10-10-10-fertilizer if you feel the need, as this will help the plant foliate aggressively before it blooms – but once it starts to bloom, you don’t need to feed any longer. The plant will put all of its energy into producing flowers as it is. The bottom line: feed if you feel necessary or your plants appear to be stunted.

As for water, morning glories are aggressive drinkers and they’ll show it in the hotter months of the year. Water the soil thoroughly in the morning and do not allow it to ever dry out completely. If your plant’s leaves become droopy or start to wilt, water the base of the plant immediately until the soil is saturated.

That’s It!
Ready to get onto growing morning glories? All you need is a little outdoor space, some seeds, and a metal trellis – the rest you can make as you go.

For the seeds, check with a local nursery or hardware store. The metal trellis you can get online at hpotter.com and you’ll be glad you did. A heavy-duty wrought iron trellis, wall trellis, metal garden trellis, or garden obelisk from H Potter will exhibit unparalleled quality, serve as the focal point of your garden, and will support beautiful morning glories, climbing roses, or other climbing vines or vining vegetables. They even offer free shipping on all orders – contact them at 208-640-4206 if you have any questions!

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