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3 Cute Recycled Earrings to Consider

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Fashionable earrings can help you put the finishing touches on a great outfit, but as is often the case, it’s hard to justify purchasing new jewelry when you realize how wasteful the industry can be.

More jewelry brands are recognizing the importance of providing sustainable alternatives that are in line with a growing desire to care for the environment and ethical industry practices. Recycled earrings crafted from carefully-sourced and reused materials can provide that same sense of designer style you are looking for without having to compromise your values.

Below you will find a bit of background on 3 progressive brands that are changing the industry one piece of jewelry at a time, along with a few recommendations on cute recycled jewelry pieces that are sure to spark your interest.

Venus Gold Hoop Earrings by Amadeus
A timeless design featuring recycled sterling silver with a gold vermeil coating and sustainably sourced pearl, these recycled earrings shine with a sense of luxurious style.

Ethical brand Amadeus offers only finely handcrafted jewelry pieces made from fair-trade materials, so you can wear their pieces in complete confidence. These hoop earrings in particular are the perfect example of how style and sustainably can come together to create something beautiful.

Mỹ Sơn Moon Drop Buffalo Horn Dangle Earrings by Hathorway
Hathorway is an eco-conscious jewelry brand out of the San Francisco Bay Area that features an array of inspiring earrings that are both elegant and earthy. Named after the Egyptian goddess of love and beauty, this is a brand that emphasizes natural elegance and ecological sustainability.

The modern-style earrings you will find in Hathorway’s collection, such as these dangle earrings, are all crafted from sustainably sourced materials such as buffalo horn, an often discarded deadstock material that deserves to be repurposed and treasured.

Essentials Seamless Hoop Earrings by Deluna
Deluna is a brand that crafts fine jewelry pieces that embody a sense of empowerment and beauty. Their line of recycled earrings sport timeless designs and are made primarily from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Their motto “wear the universe” should give you a sense of how much importance they place on individual empowerment. They want the wearer to feel radiant and emboldened, and their jewelry pieces certainly reflect this sentiment. These seamless hoop earrings for instance are at once striking yet simplistic, the perfect addition to an elegant ensemble.

Shopping For High-Quality Sustainable Jewelry
Eco-friendly and ethically-made earrings aren’t difficult to come by with a bit of direction. While you are unlikely to find these brands in most common department stores, they are easy enough to shop from online.

In fact, you can easily find the three quality pieces mentioned above over at ourCommonplace, a sustainable marketplace where you will find quite an assortment of ethical goods. Whether you are interested in shopping for jewelry that better aligns with your worldview, or if you are simply interested in supporting women-owned businesses and brands that are helping to reshape the industry for the better, there’s no better place online to shop than at ourCommonplace.

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