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3 Magnetic Bracelets with Stones You Need to See!

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Jewelry has long been known to be the most sublime adornments to any attire and any person. There are countless styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and qualities in the jewelry industry today to properly match any and all preferences. One style that everyone should have in their jewelry box without question, however, is magnetic jewelry.

Magnetic jewelry contains certain materials that can provide you with the profound health benefits of magnotherapy and efficiently accentuate your style!

Before you head off to the nearest store to purchase a piece of magnetic jewelry, like magnetic bracelets with gemstones (yes, real gemstones!), check out our brief guide on magnotherapy, its astounding benefits, and three stunning magnetic bracelets with stones to add to your jewelry collection!

What is Magnotherapy?

Magnotherapy is essentially a type of alternative therapy for pain relief with the help of magnetics. This concept is far older than most of us might realize– as far back as 2000 BCE when it was used in Ancient Chinese medicine!

When harnessed in jewelry pieces, wearers can experience health benefits that might not have been available to them by other means. This is because the magnets in these pieces of jewelry attract the iron in the blood, which then leads to increased circulation of the blood– up to 3x in speed!

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

You may be wondering what exactly could faster circulation mean for you. What benefits could that change possibly provide you? Here are just some of the benefits magnetic therapy bracelets and other jewelry could lead to:

● Joint pain relief

● Arthritis pain relief

● Relieved and lessened headaches and migraines

● Assistance with hypertension and high blood pressure

● Boosted energy levels

● Improved blood flow

Aside from the potential health benefits you could experience from wearing magnetic jewelry, there is another benefit you could experience: a stunning piece of jewelry to complement any outfit! Magnetic therapy bracelets and other jewelry simply look good, too!

3 Stunning and High-Quality Magnetic Bracelets with Stones

Now that you are privy to the potential benefits of magnetic bracelets and other jewelry, you should take a look at these pieces yourself! When looking for the most high-quality magnetic jewelry options, you can’t get any better than Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics.

Let’s admire just three of their most stunning magnetic bracelets with stones in particular because these authentic pieces are truly enticing!

1. 2022 14K Tennis Bracelets with Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as we all know. The authentic diamonds in these tennis bracelets are superb accents to these 14K yellow gold and white gold bracelets. This is Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics’ top-selling magnetic bracelet with gemstones– and is it really any wonder as to why? These delicate yet enamoring options can adorn any wrist and any outfit!

2. Gent’s Titanium with Fire Blue Sapphires

If you thought that these bracelets were only for women, we are here to let you know that that is simply not the case! This Gent’s Titanium Bracelet with Fire Blue Sapphires can perfectly sit on any gent’s wrist. The titanium makes this bracelet especially sturdy (even for you bull riders out there!) and the blue sapphires add a pop of elegant color.

3. 8.0ct Brilliant Cut Multi Sapphire

Speaking of a pop of color, this Brilliant Cut Multi-Sapphire magnetic bracelet is that and then some. Sapphires of multiple colors decorate this bracelet, which comes in either white or yellow gold to match your specificities. This is truly a piece you’ll be proud to show off!

Are you ready to take your jewelry collection to the next level? Then browse through the many impressive and gorgeous magnetic jewelry pieces over at Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics today! If you have any questions about their offerings, give them a call at 1-800-350-0898!

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