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Using Raw Gemstones For Decor

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While raw gemstones are often used in jewelry, they can also be used as a powerful statement piece in your home’s decor.

Crystals immediately draw the eye and inspire feelings of nature and magic. Including them in your space is a great way to enhance the atmosphere – and possibly even take advantage of some of the more mystical properties they are said to possess as well!

Not sure how to get started with gemstone decor? This quick article will point you in the right direction and help you utilize your crystals better, as well as shop online for high-quality pieces.

What is the appearance of raw gemstones?
Uneven edges and surfaces are to be expected in most raw gemstones, but occasionally a gem may surprise you! In nature, octahedral-shaped gems such as barite and diamond form spontaneously. Another method to tell whether a gemstone is raw is to look at its polish.

There is a good chance that even on naturally sleek gemstones, the texture will not be as fluid and smooth as one may expect.

The raw brilliance of gemstones is a breathtaking display of nature’s raw, unadulterated splendor! Rough gems’ facets and angles are entirely the results of the earth’s formation and the gemstone’s composition.

No two raw gemstones are exactly the same, which is part of their appeal!

How to Decorate with Rough Gemstones

Crystal Top
All of us, whether we’re self-proclaimed jewelry hoarders or not, need a secure location to keep our precious jewels, such as delicate necklaces, earrings, and rings, out of the hands of our dogs and children. Add sublime brilliance to your jewelry box by adding a Citrine raw crystal on top of it.

The beauty of Citrine isn’t the only reason to welcome it into your life. For those who are looking for a rush of happiness, a burst of brilliant vitality, and a gush of warm light, Citrine is the answer.

Crystal Terrarium
Since time immemorial, plants have been utilized to decorate the inside of homes. With the long history of houseplants being used to decorate interior spaces, you might utilize crystals and gemstones alongside them to create a fascinating centerpiece for your home.

Create a stylish terrarium to house your gems so they have a place to call their own for the foreseeable future. Decorate them with succulents and white sand if you’d like.

If you’re looking for a more refined gemstone, go for one that resembles a rose.

A Small Desert Rose from IceImports.com is a gypsum made from the combination of Selenite and Barite that you may like to have a look at. Connecting with your higher self may be easier with the aid of this genuine raw gemstone.

Display Boxes
When dealing with bigger crystals, you’ll want to use this strategy. Larger crystals may be highlighted in the same way as sports memorabilia displays—cards, trophies, and the like.

Try putting the display box on a shelf with a variety of other things of different sizes. Your shelves should be big enough for a box of crystals so that the display doesn’t seem cluttered.

Place it in the center of the shelf and use smaller crystals or plants on each side to create a gradual transition from the huge crystals in the center to the little ones at the edges.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of décor that will enhance your home’s aura, look no further. Visit IceImports.com if you’re looking for raw crystals and other beautiful things for your home.

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