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Making your custom home smart in 2022

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Smart home tech has become quite integrated into house builds over the years, and almost everyone who’s about to get a new house- wants a smart one.

The idea of a smart home doesn’t just sound fancy, but in reality, it’s very functional. While remotely controlled lights & HVAC systems are the most common smart home integrations, there’s actually much more to that.

In this article, we’ll see how to make your custom home into a smart one.

What Does A Smart Home Include
HVAC: HVAC systems are a basic requisite of a smart home. It allows you to control & track the temperature of your house, even particular rooms. They’re also incredibly good when it comes to energy efficiency.

Lighting: Remote controls lighting can usually be operated through a control screen on your wall, or simply an app on your phone. Lights can be turned on/off, and their temperature or intensity can be changed.

Security: Among other things, smart home scrutiny systems mainly include controlled doors, home intercom systems and security cameras.

Audio & Video: A&V systems in place allow you to play music, stream movies or watch sports throughout the home, including particular rooms.

Voice Controlled Assistant: This is probably the most common way people choose to make their pre-existing house smart, but for a house that is being built with an integrated system, this is just an addition. A voice-controlled assistant will allow you to do everything mentioned above, but with your voice.

Designing A Smart Home
As a homeowner, there are only two things you need to think about when planning about your smart home. One, what you need to have, and other, what you’d like to have.

What you need to have can be wifi access throughout the house, and what you’d like to have can be a cinema room. You must also give a thought to how your house could look like in say 5 years, maybe your playroom might need to be converted into a bedroom, and any plans to integrate technology into your infrastructure should be made accordingly. While you do this, it’s also important to follow a budget, prioritizing stuff you actually need.

Should You Seek Professional Help?
There are DIY smart home solutions, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, that don’t require any professional assistance to set up. They can easily be bought online & paired with lamps, appliances or the TV. However, these devices are often restrictive in what they can do.

On the other hand, smart-home systems integrate all the components of the home, like adjusting the blinds and lights in coordination to achieve desired light in the room, and so are more complex. Therefore, they need professional assistance as are usually set up while the house is being built.

The system is also uniquely designed as per your needs.

When Is The Right Time To Integrate Smart Tech In A Home?
A full-fledged smart home system requires a bunch of cables and devices to be set up. This can be particularly difficult in a pre-existing home, and you’ll incur an additional significant cost for the same. It’s best, therefore, to have a smart home system installed during the construction of your home.

You can share the necessary details with a builder and they shall create a plan accordingly.

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