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Introducing Titleist’s New T-Series Irons

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A lot of press is dedicated to the technological advancements that manufacturers make in driver head design, year after year, but let’s go back to an old saying in golf:

“You drive for show and putt for dough.”

That is, your short game is where your skills really shine.

Not just with putting – with getting to the green. In the short game, with approach shots, before you can even take a stab at putting, you’re probably going to pull an iron out of your bag.

This year, make it one of Titleist’s new T-Series Irons. Here’s what they offer.

Player-Influenced Design
Titleist’s T-Series Irons are designed and developed with the input of professional golfers – Tour Pros – from around the world.

More than 6 years of prototyping and continuous improvements live in each Titleist T-Series Iron.

They’re consistently improved and validated at every level, from collegiate to the PGA. Each successive generation of golfers lends its insights into the performance of these irons, giving Titleist the expert insights necessary to fine-tune performance.

Precision Engineered Feel (Down to Acoustics)
The physics of impact: that’s what Titleist is dedicated to decoding. All of their efforts are concentrated on adjusting the performance of each iron head until it feels nearly perfect.

Then again, thanks to their commitment to continuous improvement, you can expect each successive iteration to outperform the last.

Titleist uses advanced materials and unique modeling forecasting to produce models that are intended to deliver unparalleled performance before prototyping even gets off the ground. They use advanced modal analysis to predict feel, launch characteristics, acoustics, and overall performance before they even get started with manufacturing.

They even analyze harmonics to cultivate peerless acoustics.

Custom Builds and Three Factors of Fitting
Just like a driver, an iron should be mated to you and exhibit precision engineering and custom assembly. Titleist has created a custom build process and ensures the highest quality build standards achievable.

For fitting purposes, Titleist uses three main criteria: distance, dispersion, and descent angle.

They seek to create drivers that offer a balance across these three attributes, delivering optimal distance while controlling shot dispersion, and delivering the ideal descent angle to prevent excess rollout – so your shot lands and “stays” right where you want it.

Titleist’s new T-Series Irons offer a range of performance across these attributes, but there’s only really one way to determine which ones are best suited for your playing style and capabilities.

Looking for New Titleist Driver Shafts, Drivers, or Irons?
Are you in the market for a new set of irons to upgrade whatever’s aging in your golf bag?

You can’t go wrong with Titleist’s new T-Series Irons, but you should still work with a fitter to determine which club and shaft combo is right for you.

Visit Dallas Golf Company to learn more about these new irons. You can also work with their fitters to find the ideal pairing.

Dallas Golf Company also sells Titleist driver shafts and drivers in addition to irons. They can help you upgrade your entire equipment roster while you’re at it.

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