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Recent developments that will change the entire face of networking

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Networking domain is fast evolving. Some evolving technologies are most likely to contribute to the fast and robust evolution of networking and this brings in enhanced opportunities for businesses with regard to how they run, manage and streamline their processes and how they connect with their stakeholders. The topic is ultimately about how the latest developments in networking technology can help drive more efficiency across enterprises.

Wi-Fi 6

The biggest advantage facilitated by the advent of Wi-Fi 6 technology is more efficiency across the Wi-Fi bands, and increasing the density of devices that can work in compatibility with many others in a single space. This can also bring in some marked improvements in the power utilization by mobile devices. It is now possible to pack a number of low power devices into spaces characterized by fewer access points. In fact, the speed and robust capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 means it is suitable for implementation across some life-safety applications like remote surgery devices.


5G is now assuring enhanced speed and increased battery life for smartphones and the range of other devices used for accessing the internet. 5G fixed wireless is considered a viable option for achieving WAN connections. This can help get the branch offices online to experience a better and seamless connectivity. When compared to the wired connections, this can assure more speed as well as low latency. The time-slicing technology of 5G can make sensors sun on batteries that can last for many years. The advent of CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) makes it possible for businesses to set up their own independent and completely private 5G data networks. This can be one fo the most sought after solutions for some IoT installation environments and requirements.

We see Wi-Fi 6 and 5G existing together as the most compatible partners working together to further the cherished objectives of enterprises. While the users and devices are moving in between, we are however, seeing uncertain times that have not settled well with the new technologies. The simultaneous evolution of network management can help handle them in a better way.

Digitized spaces

The most revolutionary development in the high resolution geo-location technologies applied across the wireless radios found on mobile devices together with the data mining software is seen creating opportunities to understand how things and people are moving into physical spaces. This possibility opens up new opportunities for businesses to extend and improve by adopting technologies that can provide them real time information about people in their buildings.

Interestingly, businesses can find out which of their spaces are used by their customers and how. For some industries like education, medical, hospitality and retail, this can be a significant input to further their research and development initiatives. Digitized spaces can also help the network managers so effectively, as they can get to know the areas where the network is weak. This can help in creating highly precise access points wherever necessary. Find a good network cabling services company to land on the best results while upgrading your network.

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