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Best Practices You Must Not Ignore To Maintain Your Car In The Best Shape For Years

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Having made a significant investment in your car, you will naturally want it to work for years without problems, also retaining its fresh looks. However, this does not happen on its own whether you own a budget price model or an expensive one. Here are the routine maintenance chores you must not ignore to see your car in good condition for so long.

Check the engine oil
Check the engine oil levels at least once in a month. If you are already doing this, it is not enough. You must also check the condition of the oil. Dissolved particles seen in the oil and a burnt smell can be indications that the engine is heading towards damage which you must attend to before it is too late.

Review the transmission fluid
Check the color and smell of the transmission fluid at least once in a year. Brown or blackish color can indicate that there could be some problem with the transmission needing attention. Failing transmission an also result in the burnt smell of the transmission fluid.

Explore the tires
While the tire treads are checked during annual safety inspection, you must also see if there are any wears and tears in the tires. The wear and tear in all the tires must be even. If not so, there could be some alignment issue you must rectify.

Glance at the wiper blades
Wiper blades are commonly overlooked items. At least once in a year, you must thoroughly inspect the wiper blades. If they are worn out, they will not be able to clean the windshield thoroughly and hence could impact your visibility.

Check the headlights
Over a period of usage, the headlights can go out of sync and can result in issues during nighttime visibility. Check the aim of the headlights and make the necessary arrangements if anything is needed.

Hoses and belts
If the belts or hoses might fail, you will be stranded on the roadside during a crucial moment. During annual inspections, ask them to thoroughly check the belts and hoses and replace if they need to be.

Coolant condition and levels
While often overlooked, the antifreeze has a vital role to play in your car operation. The coolant level and its condition must be assessed to check for metal flakes or discoloration which could indicate a problem with the radiator.

Battery condition
Batteries do have a shelf life. If your battery is approaching its end date, it is necessary to buy one. Review the sticker affixed to your car battery to know how much life is left. If you would need a new one, your automobile repair shop can also tell you this.

What to take away
It is indeed a big challenge to keep your car in a good condition and appreciable shape. However, when you take steps to maintain your car in the right way, it really pays back in letting you enjoy using your vehicle with confidence and comfort whenever you need it.

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