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Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Used iPad?

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The question is never whether or not you should sell your old iPad. It is rather WHEN is the best time to sell used iPads, and we believe that time is RIGHT NOW.

I am not writing this article to cause a used iPad market run. I´m just stating something that is becoming increasingly apparent given the recent signals the market is frantically sending our way.

Usually, the best time to sell your used Apple products is right after the company announces its newest products. As soon as they hit the market, which usually happens ten days before their presentation, prices start to drop sharply. But you can still get good deals during that week and a half without taking a hit.

However, iPads yield better returns if you sell them BEFORE Apple breaks the news about their new models. This happens because iPads retain their value better than iPhones, and people are always looking for good deals. As soon as Apple reveals the new specs, prices drop like a rock.

However, this year has been different for the electronics market, especially for high-end products. The current chip shortage and the relatively slow restock pace, have made people wary of selling their beloved iPad devices, while the demand for tablets has increased drastically as students and office workers continue to embrace the work-from-home culture.

Moreover, Apple recently announced that they would be cutting iPad production in half in order to boost the production of iPhones and meet the high demand for mobile devices. This will essentially mean even longer wait times for those who want to get their hands on the new iPad. Some models, like the iPad mini, might take four or five weeks to arrive, while the 2020 iPad Air takes a bit less shipping time.

But what this is doing is increasing the demand for used apple products and making it incredibly attractive to sell used iPads as prices seem to remain stable.

The good thing about selling your iPad now is that you can rake in a lot more value for it, and then subsidize a good chunk of your next Apple purchase. Just make sure you trade in your iPad with a certified and reputable store that can give you a fair price for your device.

Remember that, before selling your used iPad, you need to make sure your device is ready. Don´t forget to perform a backup on the cloud or your desktop. Be sure to remove all of your personal data and log out of iCloud and Find My iPhone, and unpair all of your devices to prevent causing problems to the next owner. Finally, do a factory reset to leave a blank slate for the next owner.

A word about selling your used iPad. There are many online marketplaces where you can trade your Apple products for great prices. However, your best bet is to visit Mac Me an Offer and sell your used iPad for the right price.

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