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Categorizing the Best Hair Care Products

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Every single individual has different needs in hair treatment because no two hairstyles are exactly alike. Sure, some are similar, but there is a great deal of variety among even similar hairstyles.

Two people with dark, thick, curly hair might experience different problems throughout the seasons of the year with dryness and frizzing. Straight hair might be naturally moisturized; someone else with straight hair might struggle with damage like split ends.

That’s why assembling a collection of the best hair care products isn’t about picking out the “best” individual products by formula or name. What’s great for one person might not be too valuable for another, and vice versa.

However, any salon or “home beauty parlor” would do well to keep some variant of these on hand. By category, they are the best hair care products.

Shampoo and conditioner – Shampoo and conditioner are the quintessential hair care products because they clean, nourish and fortify. For some lucky few, bad hair days can be avoided entirely with a well-chosen shampoo and conditioner.

Some shampoos contain special oils like coconut oil that helps to restore moisture and shine to dry hair. Some others contain silk proteins or keratin that strengthen damaged hair. The same can be said for conditioners – these are often treated with oils, proteins, and other agents to strengthen and revitalize your natural hair.

Another thing to note is that you should get sulfate-free shampoo, as shampoos with sulfates are harsher on hair and can dry it out. Since color-treated hair is vulnerable to this, sulfates should generally be avoided.

Special conditioners (like leave-in conditioners – There is also a class of conditioners known as leave-in conditioners, that, unlike traditional conditioners, are not washed out of your hair. These special conditioners sometimes contain the same proteins and oils as traditional conditioners along with additional nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can help protect your hair against damage, breakage, or splitting. There are also special volumizing conditioners you can use to restore body to your hair.

Oils – Oils are similar to conditioner in that they are used, literally, to condition your hair. Some types of oils, like some conditioners, will restore your hair’s natural shine and strengthen your hair, which will help to prevent breakage, splitting, and other damage.

Styling products – In addition to the oils, conditioners, shampoos, and other treatments that some hair types require, any collection of the best hair care products will doubtless contain styling products and color treatments.

Styling products vary, but the purpose is to coax your hair into a form or shape and to hold it there. For these purposes, there are hair sprays, gels, mousses, and even waxes, and other treatments.

Coloring hair treatments – Then there are hair colors, which, while they are not specifically hair products for care, are indispensable to those with color-treated hair. If you’re serious about putting together the best collection of hair care products, you’ll have to offer a large range of color treatments – especially as a salon.

In addition to these hair care products, there are also many, many other niche and specialty hair care products on the market, including but not limited to clays, masks, color extenders, texturizers, and much more. However, generally speaking, the items represented by this short article suffice to paint a picture of the necessaries.

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