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Where to Find Mid Century Modern Furniture for Sale

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When shopping for furniture to decorate your new or existing home it is important to stay with the times. What is “in” is always changing, but you always want something modern. Modernism in both art and home decorating is sleek and can have a very powerful effect. The modern style features clean lines and a more simplistic approach to blacks, whites, and natural designs.

Even though it’s important to embrace a modern style when choosing furniture to decorate your home you’ll also want something that brings a bit of a classic feel. You can get a mid-century feel while still keeping that modern, contemporary style. You don’t have to settle for one or the other. In fact, you should not settle if you want to decorate your home in a way that is in fashion and won’t quickly fall out of fashion. If you’re looking for a place for mid-century modern furniture for sale then look no further than Ohio Hardwood & Upholstered Furniture.

Elegant Furniture for Every Room In Your Home

Ohio Hardwood Furniture has had a vastly amazing selection of furniture regardless of what room you are looking to decorate. They have furniture that can completely change the feel of your living room or bedroom. Keeping a new and fresh feel while keeping an older natural take will impress guests that come to see your newly renovated place.

If you are looking for a table for your family to dine at or place your things on when you relax in the living room they have the options that not only can prove their usefulness but will look good doing it. If you are looking for a place to rest your head at night they have mid-century modern bed-sets that will completely transform your bedroom. You can buy the bed and dressers separately if you wish to mix and match. Lastly, they also sell some extremely comfortable and good-looking chairs and couches. These will be perfect in any living space.

Dining Room: First thing to think about when decorating your dining room is obviously the dining room table. Ohio Hardwood Furniture has some amazing dining tables available. One fantastic option that they offer is the Copeland Essentials Rectangular Dining Table. It is a strong piece of furniture with four metal legs. You get a rich, dark natural walnut table or a light cherry wood table. Both are magnificent choices and can match any room extremely well.

Bedroom: For the bedroom, you can an exquisite set that consists of a queen-sized bed, a 3-drawer nightstand, and a 6-drawer dresser. Each item in this bedroom set is the perfect example of modern style mixing perfectly with mid-century simplicity. If you are looking to build your dream bedroom this collection makes it easy for you because it put 3 amazing pieces of furniture together in 1 bundle.

Each piece of furniture in the collection is sturdy and durable. They are all made from magnificent brown maple wood and stained with a beautiful medallion smoke. If you’re not interested in all three items, but still want one or two for your bedroom you can do that too. The queen-size bed, 3-drawer nightstand, and 6-drawer dresser are all available for purchase on their own.

Living Room: Lastly, they have extremely comfortable and stylish Thayer Coggin furniture available for your living room. Some items that match the mid-century modern aesthetic include the button-up couch, good egg swivel chair, and Cruisin lounge chair and ottoman. All of these items are customizable when it comes to upholstery. Pick the choice that best matches the style and fit of your home.

If you are interested in mid-century modern furniture for sale then visit and see all of the magnificent options they have available.

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