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Kahina Giving Beauty: Minimalist Green Beauty With A Social Impact

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Anyone interested in sustainability and brand ethics would do well to check out the brand Kahina Giving Beauty. It is a skincare line that utilizes powerful organic ingredients like Moroccan argan oil to make a noticeable impact on the skin. This brand provides its consumers with quality ingredients and products like the much-loved Essaouira Body Serum and Prickly Pear Seed Roller Ball without compromising its mission to do good in the world. Kahina Giving Beauty has already started on this mission and has taken great strides to go even further beyond. This brand does so much more than create clean skincare products. It is constantly making efforts to see real, lasting change in the world.

Sourcing Ingredients & Materials Wisely
Before a single product is made, Kahina Giving Beauty shows its sincere intentions of operating with full transparency and as much sustainability as possible. The raw ingredients used are sourced by workers in Morocco who are treated with respect and paid fair wages through working cooperatives. The harvesting of these resources is done without causing any harm to the natural environment. The packaging itself was also taken into consideration so it will be easily recycled by the users once it is finished. The brand avoids using plastic whenever possible and has created packaging from recycled paper and easily recyclable glass. From start to finish, these products are made with sustainability in mind.

Giving Back
Kahina Giving Beauty’s mission is not just to grow and prosper alone, but to support others to do the same. Kahina Giving Beauty gives back to the community of Berber workers who contribute to the brand’s success, by investing in the community. The brand’s owner regularly visits them to see what needs or opportunities arise to make things better. The brand invests in the people themselves by funding their organic certifications, planting trees in the area, buying sheep for their reliable supply of wool and milk, and offering housing and clean water for the girls in school. All of these things benefit the community greatly so they can continue to push themselves further and provide for themselves.

A Human Touch
This brand can take a great deal of pride in how well it represents the people who work for it. The people who work to extract the brand’s star ingredient, argan oil, are valued highly for their specialized and developed skills. The brand understands that none of their good work would be possible without these individuals making things happen from the ground up. To highlight their critical contributions to each product, Kahina Giving Beauty marks each bottle with the signatures of the women who extract the argan oil. This alongside their efforts to support these women shows just how much this brand appreciates its workers and proudly shows their hard work to the consumers. Each bottle purchased has this personal touch to it that just makes a huge difference in how you look at the product you are buying.

With Kahina Giving Beauty, you are not just buying into a skincare brand, but contributing to a pattern of commendable business practices. Learn more about the brand by checking out its products online at You will definitely want to check out their iconic 100% Argan Oil for soft, glowing skin or their Beldi Soap to cleanse the skin while leaving it feeling invigorated and healthy. If you were looking for face and body products that will make your skin feel refreshed and better than ever, you have plenty to choose from.

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