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The Perks of Having Reusable Name Badges

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If you are a business owner or manage multiple employees, there may come a time when you need to invest in some name badges. Name tags and badges are the best way to allow people to know your employee’s name, titles, and occupations quickly and efficiently.

Name badges have been used for many years and are mainly customary when you have a big set of employees. This way, it will be easier for customers and other employees to learn the names of the workers to create a more welcoming and friendly environment. Now, you are seeing many companies wearing reusable name badges which can be very beneficial for your business and company money.

There are many perks when it comes to having reusable name badges. Not only are you cutting down on your one-use plastic products, but you are also doing the environment a favor by reducing your carbon footprint. Many companies are taking the pledge of becoming more environmentally friendly, so businesses who need products should follow suit and support other companies when they decide to go green.

If you’re in the market for reusable products, check out the services from Imprint Plus.

The components that go into a reusable name badge include:

The Name Badge
○ At Imprint Plus, we have our very own design studio, allowing our customers to easily and efficiently design their own personal name badges for whatever occasion they need. You can simply select one of our pre-designed templates, customize the name tag with personalized logos and text fields, and customize each badge with a name or position.
○ Once everything is finished, you can print off the name tag inserts and put together the now customized name badges.

Lens Cover
○ This recyclable, reusable lens cover will keep your name badge completely safe. The lens covers at Imprint Plus is 100% scratch and shatter-resistant, so there are no worries about potentially damaging or breaking your name tags.

Print Sheet
○ The print sheets from Imprint Plus are what your customized designs will be printed on. The print sheets are compatible with any ink or laser printer and are easily interchangeable and insertable within the lens cover. With the print sheets, you can also print as little as one name tag, to as many as you need.

Metal Plate
○ The metal plate is what keeps the reusable name badges sturdy and supported. The rust-proof aluminum metal plate is easily assembled with the lens cover and can be chosen in many different shapes and sizes.

Pin/magnet fastener
○ To actually be able to wear this name badge, you need something to allow it to fasten to your uniform or work clothes. Both of the options of the magnet and pin fasteners offer an incredible stronghold, so you won’t have to worry about your name tag unfastening or slipping around on your clothes. This way, you can maintain that professional look all day long.

If reusable name tags sound like something of interest, check out their website at

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