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4 Practical Uses for Non-Firing Replica Guns

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It might seem like non-firing replica guns have basically little practical use, except for displays (which is one of our points) but they’re actually a lot more useful than that. In case you needed a little help with creativity, here are four great, practical uses for non-firing replicas. For some of these applications, replicas are actually better than the real thing.

1. Create a display
For anyone that is a self-proclaimed collector of historical arms and militaria, accurate, realistic replicas are a must when you can’t find the real equivalent. In many cases, coming by the real thing is a matter proscribed by law or made impractical but other economic considerations.

For whatever reason that you can’t find the real rifle or pistol that you’ve been looking for, a historically accurate non-firing replica will give you all the appearance you need of having found one after all. In many cases, they are even articulated and effectively indistinguishable from the original arms they were made to represent.

2. Reenactments
Reenactments are also a great place for non-firing replica guns, especially since in many cases it would be impractical or unsafe to carry live, firing versions. In fact, depending on the circumstances of the reenactment, it might even be a matter of legality. Admittedly, a lot of replicas used in historical reenactments are muzzleloaders with much less prescriptive regulations, but for more modern reenactment purposes, it could be an issue. That is, unless you’ve found a fitting non-firing replica.

3. Become familiar with a given platform
In some situations, non-firing replicas are articulated versions of the real firearm around which they are designed. In some cases, they are actual firearms that have been rendered inert with the removal of the firing pin or critical pieces of the action. In that case, they retain the same exact functionality as the platform around which they are built.

For someone looking to build confidence with handling or better familiarity with a given platform, a non-firing replica can be a valuable tool. Depending on what parts are working and what parts have been removed or omitted, you can even become familiar with assembly, disassembly and basic operation of the action or other critical components.

4. Teach gun safety
Finally, if you’ve been tasked with educating someone on gun safety and that person has no experience whatsoever with firearms handling, safety and etiquette, non-firing replicas can be highly valuable, highly viable tools.

For one thing, you can use them to teach new learners how to safely handle a firearm and it can give a very realistic insight into the operation of the action and how all of the parts fit and work together. Additionally, since they are often indistinguishable from the real thing, they are highly effective tools for instilling the best practice of treating all firearms are loaded and potentially lethal, regardless of whether or not they actually are. To the uninitiated, a replica is basically real.

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