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The Significance of Wearing Church Vestments

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If you’ve ever been to a church service, it’s custom that the pastor, priests, or other clergy officials wear proper garments while preaching to the congregation. Often, you will see members of the clergy wearing garments called vestments.

Vestments are liturgical garments associated primarily with Christianity and its subsets. The history behind them can be pretty interesting. According to religious history, vestments were worn for liturgies and also worn in everyday life. As time went on, these garments became the main garment worn for clerical members due to the religious significance.

Vestments are not just one singular piece of clothing, many different components make up the entire ensemble. Here, we are going to break down each part of the vestment and what each part symbolizes.

The Alb

This piece is worn over the Amice and has more religious symbolism. This piece refers to the person wearing the garment as being newly-baptized. This also symbolizes the purity of the soul, which is required to be shown during church service.

The Amice

This piece can be optional, but when worn, it’s worn underneath the alb. This garment consists of a rectangular-shaped piece of cloth that is placed around the neck of the person who is wearing it and underneath their normal clothing. Although it’s not mandatory to wear, this piece of clothing has some practical uses. It can protect the person’s neck from getting cold or absorb any body oils or sweat.

The Cincture

A cincture resembles a chord and has a function as a belt. It’s used to belt together with the alb right at the waist. Commonly, the color of a cincture is white, but there are other color variations to symbolize a certain liturgical reason.

The Stole

This is a small and skinny strip of cloth that is worn almost like a scarf, but it is supposed to be spread out in front of the person wearing it over the alb. This piece of the garment is considered one of the most important and most symbolic pieces of a church vestment. The stole shows the state of which office the person wearing it has. Similar to the cincture, the stole comes in different colors for various reasons.

The Chasuble

The religious symbolism behind this last garment represents charitable reasons that cover multiple sins. This piece is meant to be worn on the outside of the entire vesture and again has different colors corresponding to the day or liturgical season.

So, it’s very much evident that the vestments that are typically worn by clergy officials in your church hold great historical and religious history and significance. It’s important to know the significance of what your priests, ministers, or preachers are wearing while they lead your church. It will bring you closer to the ones who lead prayer each church service.

Where to Find These Garments

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